Anna Kendrick Reveals To ‘Nylon’ She Has No Regrets About Ryan Gosling Tweet

In an interview for Nylon’s February issue, Anna Kendrick opened up about her brutally honest Twitter account. Anna even addressed her tweet from two years ago regarding Ryan Gosling that could have been offensive to some.

Nylon shared a few of Anna’s thoughts on Twitter, dating, and confidence in a preview of the issue on Monday. The issue featuring Kendrick hits the newsstands on January 20. Even the snippets that Nylon shared on their website are full of Kendrick’s typical uncensored language and honesty.

Anna reveals that she does not mind getting personal on Twitter.

“I don’t give a f**k. Twitter is only 140 characters. There’s really not that much that I could reveal, then regret later.”

What is the original tweet from Anna about Ryan Gosling that Nylon was dying to hear about?

Anna is also happy that she has never had to confront Gosling about the comment.

“Thank God I’ve never been in a room with him! I don’t feel embarrassed, though. I’m sure he has a sense of humor. But I’d probably feel like I’d have to address [the tweet], and I’d end up saying something to make it much, much worse.”

But is Anna the average down-to-earth girl depicted by magazines? Kendrick’s best friend Aubrey Plaza seems to think so.

“[Anna is] the weirdest combo of impulsive tequila-drinking party girl and 80-year-old senator’s wife from Vermont. She loves ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Game of Thrones,’ can rap ’99 Problems’ from start to finish, scarfs down burgers in six-inch Louboutins, while beating you at ‘Assassin’s Creed.’ But guys are probably afraid to hit on her because she’s intimidating.”

WebProNews also shared some of the questionable posts that Anna has made on Twitter. Her unique sense of humor could be seen as offensive to some. Anna does not shy away from cursing or drug and sex references.

The Inquisitr recently covered another interview with Anna for Fashion Magazine. Kendrick told the magazine that she does not fall for Prince Charming types — even though she recently played Cinderella in the film production of Into the Woods.

[Photo Source: ABC News]