Whitney Bischoff Meets ‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules’ Best Friends — Wedding Plans Underway? [Spoilers]

Bachelor Chris Soules is just three weeks away from handing out his final rose, and it appears that Reality Steve is spot on this season with his prediction that Chris chooses nurse Whitney Bischoff on the season finale and she accepts his proposal. While many fans have yet to see a big connection between Whitney and Chris, that’s about to change.

According to ABC, Whitney will get a one-on-one date with Chris in Des Moines, Iowa, on Sunday night (Episode 7). During the date, she will get to meet his best friends, something that the other women, including Britt, will not do. Meeting friends and family during a date is a big deal, and a sign that Chris thinks Whitney is wife material.

“Whitney and Chris visit Iowa’s state capital of Des Moines, where they are inspired by a photo exhibit celebrating love to snap their own photos, capturing what love means to them. Afterwards, Chris introduces Whitney to his best friends, who grill her on her intentions.”

There is no doubt that Whitney will do just fine when she’s “grilled” by Chris’ friends — she has been one of the few genuine ladies on this season of the Bachelor. Sunday night’s date will be her second one-on-one with Chris — their first one went so well (wedding crashers date) there is no doubt this one will once again show fans that they really do have great chemistry together.

Back in October, Reality Steve posted photos and a video taken by fans who spotted Chris and Whitney out on their date in Des Moines. They reportedly dined at Capes Kafe with Chris’ friends and then went outside to see a mural (photo above) that was painted of the two of them.

It’s clear that Whitney is smitten with Chris — she has photos from their first date together posted on Instagram and even her Twitter bio says “Wannabe Iowan.”

Soules recently revealed that he would like to have a summer wedding on his farm in Iowa. If Reality Steve’s spoilers are right, that dream wedding includes Whitney.

According to a previous report by the Inquisitr, Chris finally figures out who is there for the wrong reasons on Sunday night’s episode, and picks four of the six remaining women who he thinks would not only make a good wife, they would also be comfortable living in an extremely small town.

Frontrunner Britt is not one of the women he chooses, but Whitney, Becca, Jade, and Kaitlyn will all move on to the hometown dates that air on Monday, February 16. Britt ends up causing drama on Sunday night’s show and leaves after Chris rejects her during the group date, something that should further convince Bachelor fans that Reality Steve is right — Whitney and Chris are engaged.

Do you think Chris had Whitney meet his friends during their Episode 7 date because he knew she was “the one”?

Watch the Bachelor Episode 7 on Monday, February 15 starting at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, followed by the Hometown Dates episode on Tuesday night.

[Image: Reality Steve]