John Stamos Breaks Bad News About Zayn Malik, Josh Peck Might Play Stamos’ Son On TV

John Stamos recently broke some news that will totally break the hearts of Zayn Malik fans who are convinced that the One Direction singer is Uncle Jesse’s long lost son. However, Stamos also did something that might make Josh Peck fans very happy.

Earlier this year, the Hollywood Reporter broke the news that John Stamos is working on an untitled pilot for Fox. The former Full House star was cast as a bachelor who suddenly finds out that he has a son and a grandson (in other words, his character is a GILF). Stamos will be playing a “version of himself” in the comedy.

John recently tweeted an update on the TV series pilot, and he used his One Direction look-alike to drum up a little free publicity for the project.

Very excited. Someone just got cast to play my son in my new show. Any guesses? (spoiler alert – not @zaynmalik) (wanted big trailer)

— John Stamos (@JohnStamos) February 13, 2015

This isn’t the first time John Stamos has tweeted about his resemblance to Zayn Malik. Back in November, the dark-haired hunk pointed out that he and Malik are hair twins.

Many Directioners are probably disappointed that Zayn Malik isn’t playing Stamos’ son in the TV pilot, but Stamos’ Twitter activity might offer a hint about the show’s casting that could make another fandom very excited. John recently started following Drake & Josh star Josh Peck on Twitter, and Josh followed him back. Both guys follow less than 200 people on Twitter, so their actions could be very telling.

Josh Peck does bear a passing resemblance to John Stamos, and he has a built-in fan base of older teens who grew up watching his Nickelodeon show. He was also hilarious on The Mindy Project as Tamra’s ex-boyfriend Ray Ron, and he’s a pretty big Vine celebrity. Peck’s presence could draw quite a few young eyeballs to Stamos’ Fox series.

Josh Peck and John Stamos have more in common than their experiences starring on family-friendly TV comedies — they also admire the same member of One Direction. Interestingly, it’s not Zayn Malik. Check out the tweets below that they posted on the same day.

If Stamos’ new Fox TV series were to get picked up, there’s no word on whether it would have any effect on that much-buzzed-about Full House revival. As the Inquisitr previously reported, John has confirmed that the cast is “working on a twist on a sequel.”

John Stamos isn’t the only hot dark-haired hunk who might be coming to Fox. According to Variety, another ageless actor, Parks and Recreation star Rob Lowe, has been cast in the pilot for a comedy titled The Grinder. He’ll play a beloved TV lawyer who decides to take over his family’s real law firm after his show comes to an end.

The fact that Fox may soon be invaded by a flock of funny, foxy guys that includes John Stamos, Josh Peck, and Rob Lowe almost makes it seem like Mindy Lahiri is casting the network’s new pilots. Are you hoping that Fox picks up Stamos’ show?

[Image credits: Jason Merritt, Cindy Ord, Angela Weiss/Getty]