Latest: Indentifox, Posty, new features

The train continues to roll at the speed of light with a number of new features and clients.

On the client side, the first client has been released for Firefox. Identifox is a port of the Twitterfox client, and delivers the experience to the browser. Unlike Twhirl it doesn’t support push updates, but does support short urls, replies and recent updates, all from within Firefox or Flock.

Posty, an all in one AIR application for Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, Tumblr and Friendfeed (see our review here) has added to its line up. support comes with Personal messages, friends timeline, replies, and a public timeline in the menu bar, and as with all clients allows replies to messages. The updated version with support is available for download here.

SarahinTampa reports a number of changes to itself, including:

* Auto-follow your followers: a checkbox in your settings –> profile tab lets you automatically follow those that follow you. It’s recommended for “non-humans,” but I’m giving it a go.
* SMS: Another tab in your settings lets you get your dents via SMS. Just enter your phone number and carrier.

I said it yesterday, and I’ll probably keep saying it, the speed at which is moving is incredible, with the service now 18 days old. If it fails in the future it certainly won’t be for a lack of third party support.

See also support in Twhirl.

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