Twhirl now supports

The next update of the Twitter/ FriendFeed/ Seesmic AIR application Twhirl will include support for, according to a scoop by Rafe Needleman at WebWare.

The even more interesting thing about the implementation: Twhirl supports push updates from, negating the need for regular refreshing (although the client can refresh as well). However Rafe notes that the process isn’t as simple as it sounds, with Twhirl users having to log in to both and GTalk for the push to work.

I wrote the Friday that is moving at the speed of light, and it’s getting harder to keep up. Two days after implementing the Twitter API, and less than a week after offering its first API, is now supported by a major desktop client. And in case you’ve forgotten, is now only 17 days old!

You can grab the beta release of Twhirl with support here and note that you have to add GTalk support to both and Twhirl (after you add your account details) for the push data to work, although push isn’t compulsory. Rafe has all the instructions on how to do it here.

Now if only Twhirl would implement tabs for users to flick between services as opposed to requiring a window for each opened service ?


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