Rihanna And Leonardo DiCaprio Caught ‘Swapping Spit’ At NYC Nightclub

Rihanna is having a steamy Valentine’s Day if you believe the latest gossip about her and Leonardo DiCaprio. The young R&B singer was reportedly spotted out and about with the actor in NYC late Friday night, and according to the Daily Star, things got pretty hot and heavy. This is the second time RiRi and Leo have been spotted hanging out together in public, and both times witnesses have claimed that the two were making out.

Apparently, the couple are trying to keep their romantic interludes under wraps. She was first spotted arriving at Leo’s house at around 1 a.m. before they were seen leaving in separate vehicles to the same club, a swanky place called Up and Down. Paparazzi photos show Leonardo DiCaprio keeping a grey cap tucked down over his face, trying to avoid contact with the crowd. According to the New York Daily News, the couple partied at the club until about 4 a.m. before parting separate ways (just like they arrived). Before they left, they were reportedly seen “swapping spit,” and getting pretty cozy with one another.

On Saturday morning, Valentine’s Day, Rihanna posted a photo to her Instagram that shows a cherub facedown with an arrow in his backside. The caption to the photo simply said, “mood.” Is RiRi saying that Leonardo DiCaprio got her with Cupid’s arrow? If so, then this could be a hint to how she’s currently spending the most romantic day of the year — and it isn’t pining away over Drake or Chris Brown!

Speaking of Chris Brown, his Valentine’s Day is definitely involving lots of love from his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. Tran shared a snapshot of Brown on her Instagram on Saturday, with a caption that summed up her feelings for the “Loyal” R&B singer.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to my love.. You drive me crazy and you’ve made me crazy but that’s just us I love you just as much as you love trying to match my outfits.”

The pic shows the couple standing together wearing similar outfits. Of course, Breezy took the photo opportunity to stand with his middle fingers in the air — maybe a kiss-off to the haters who spread rumors about his relationship with the model and stylist? Whatever the fingers were for, it looks like the Chris Brown, RiRi, Tran love triangle has come to an end.

Do you think Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio are secret lovers? If they are, their relationship is an interesting and possibly open one — since DiCaprio was recently spotted making out with a pretty blonde woman. Nobody knows what kind of relationship these two actually have, but Rih looks happy.

[Photo credit: Daily Mail/Instagram]