Why I Disagree With ‘The Sims 4’ Negative Reviews

I am not a gamer, in the true sense of the word, but I make an exception for The Sims. I’ve been reluctant to buy The Sims 4 due to mixed reviews. I have played and loved each of The Sims games, so I finally caved and purchased The Sims 4 since it was on sale. Besides, Electronic Arts offers a 24 hour return policy on PC downloads, so if I didn’t like it, I could recoup my losses.

The first thing I noticed was the load time for The Sims 4 was significantly faster than the previous installments. The second pleasant surprise I found was hot on the heels of the first — the graphics in Create-a-Style are fabulous. This was the main problem I had with The Sims 3. I felt that the character graphics left a lot to be desired. Sure, it was great within Create-a-Style, but in gameplay it seemed the characteristics were lost, and all the toddlers and children looked pretty much the same.

Not so in The Sims 4. My first creation was a gorgeous woman with realistic shining hair, a mouth with great dimension, and clear eyes (I always thought The Sims 3 eyes were exceptionally dark).

The inclusion of different walking styles adds a lot to the personality of the Sims, and the traits add more depth of character as well. Sims can interact with each other while performing other actions with the new multitasking option. This makes game play more realistic, and the storyline runs more smoothly.

Though I’m still fairly new at playing The Sims 4, I’ve already learned that most of the reasons why I didn’t buy this earlier are moot. Due to the reviews, I assumed a large portion of my favorites would be missing or disappointing. So far, this is not true. I find The Sims 4 to be fresh and exciting.

In an interview with PC Gamer, senior producer Lyndsay Pearson addresses one of the largest player complaints. Why is the base game so, well, basic?

“We were happy to see the things that people were recognizing about The Sims 4 that they were enjoying. You’re always sad when everyone doesn’t love your new, shiny baby, but I think we’re seeing people who justifiably have said, ‘Wow, this is a really, really cool foundation, but man, I really miss that thing, so I’m going to keep playing with that thing from The Sims 3.’ Or: ‘Man, I really miss this part of The Sims 2.’ That’s okay. That’s why we’ve created this big universe for them. That’s why The Sims has continued to expand. I am very excited about what The Sims 4 is because it’s a foundation that is going to offer us opportunities we didn’t have in The Sims 2 or in The Sims 3 that I think we’re really going to get to do some super cool stuff with.”

Electronic Arts has already released game updates adding pools, ghosts, Christmas items, and more. I’m excited to see what the future holds for The Sims 4. One thing I can say with complete confidence. I am certainly not disappointed in The Sims 4.