Scott Walker Rises To The Top Of The GOP Class

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a rising star among potential 2016 GOP candidates for president, has received top grades in a unique poll conducted by Fox News. The survey asked Republicans to grade likely GOP 2016 candidates for president, and requested Democrats to do that same for their party’s likely candidates. Scott Walker received the highest grade — a grade of “B” — of all the Republican candidates in the survey. Hillary Clinton was graded “B+” by Democrats.

“Self-identified Republicans who are familiar with the candidates give Walker an average grade of B (2.75 GPA), while grading the potential of both retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson (2.62) and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (2.48), just a notch lower at B-,” Fox News reported on the poll that showed Scott Walker getting the highest grade.

While Scott Walker was at the top, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who is seen by many as losing ground in the 2016 race, scored a grade of “C” in the Fox News poll. On the Democratic side, Hillary received a grade of “B+” from Democrats while Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren both scored grades of “B-.”

“Besides leading the Republican field in average grade, Walker also received the highest share of ‘A’ grades among Republican voters at 18 percent. He was followed by Carson at 15 percent and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee at 12 percent. Ohio Gov. John Kasich got the lowest percentage of ‘A’ grades among the 10 possible GOP candidates at 5 percent, while New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie got the highest percentage of “F” grades at 13 percent,” International Business Times reported about the same poll.

Another good sign for Scott Walker, if he can win the GOP nomination, is that nearly all respondents believe a Republican will win the 2016 election for president. Meanwhile, 35 percent said a Democrat will win. The results also showed bad news for Hillary Clinton; 38 percent saying she will win and 47 percent believing an unnamed Republican candidate could beat Hillary. That would suggest Scott Walker could have a great chance of winning if Hillary Clinton is the nominee for Democrats.

Scott Walker has been rising rapidly as a GOP candidate for president in 2016, the theInquisitr reported earlier this month. Polls of Republican voters in New Hampshire and Iowa showed Scott Walker gaining major ground in the 2016 race.

“The Wisconsin governor is surely shaking up the 2016 GOP race for president, and it could very well lead to Scott Walker winning the Republican nomination, and maybe the general election, for president in 2016. Many voters may find Scott Walker to be what they are looking for in the president,” the theInquisitr reported.

[Image of Scott Walker from International Business Times]