Anonymous Boy Sends Valentine’s Day Cards And Candy To Every Girl In School So None Are Without

A high school boy in Oklahoma wanted to do something nice on Valentine’s Day, but he didn’t want to take any of the credit for it. He also wanted to do the nice gesture in a huge way and he did it by giving all 1,076 girls at Edmond Memorial High School a Valentine’s Day gift of a card and candy.

He did it anonymously and simply wanted no one to be lonely this year.

KTLA reported that student Dan Williams surprised every girl in his high school with cards and candy on Friday. He did it anonymously, but was soon found out.

“All the girls were surprised this morning,” said student Laura Pitcock.

The cards were given out to all of the girls by being put in their lockers. Candy accompanied each and every single one of the 1,076 Valentine’s Day cards. Williams was really trying to stay discreet.

“He wanted to stay anonymous, but I have a feeling a good deed like this is going to get out,” student Sarah Cameron stated.

She was right. Word got out quite quickly that it was Williams giving the candy and cards to all of the girls at Edmond Memorial High School. Once he was outed, the students created a huge “Thank You” card for Williams to thank him for his sweet gesture.

valentine's day high school

According to KFOR, Williams worked the entire summer and saved up his money for Valentine’s Day so he could do what he did. His intention of working was to give Valentine’s Day cards and candy to all of the girls in his high school.

The high school senior worked for months and did a lot of planning, but as of four weeks ago, Williams was still $140 short. As he said, “the Lord provided,” and his whole mission ended up being funded so he could do his good deed.

valentine's day dan williams

The “Valengrams” sent by Williams were simple and sweet: a heart shape surrounded some kind words on every card.

“Remember there will always be people who care about you and I will always be one of them! Love, anonymous VALEGRAM”

When it comes to letting someone know you care about them, Williams said that it’s “the best feeling in the world, I think.”

Valentine’s Day is one that brings a lot of love, but has also been known to bring sadness to many as well. Dan Williams made sure that all of the girls at Edmond Memorial High School weren’t lonely, and his sweet gesture won’t soon be forgotten.

[Images via KFOR]