WWE News: WWE Legend Shawn Michaels Discusses One More Match, Is Daniel Bryan Involved?

Every WWE fan has their favorite WWE superstar. For this writer, it is Edge, WWE Hall of Famer. Many like this next man as well, Shawn Michaels. During his tenure, he broke barriers and competed in some of the most memorable feuds and matches in WWE history. Shawn Michaels is arguably the greatest WWE superstar of all time.

Michaels retired in 2010 after he lost to the Undertaker at WrestleMania 27. That match, along with their clash at WrestleMania 26, is among the greatest matches in WWE history. Since his retirement, WWE fans want to see Michaels back in the ring. There’s a chance that may happen again.

Shawn Michaels was recently interviewed by Brian Fritz, contributor to Between The Ropes, and discussed one more match in the WWE, and if that match will include Daniel Bryan.

“Oh yeah. All the time. All the time. If they don’t believe, they request that I do. There isn’t a time that, every once in a while I will receive a text or someone will make the comment of ‘hey, we got this’. Put it this way: it’s always there for me if I want it. There’s only been probably, I don’t know, maybe one time where where you go that’s actually a pretty good idea. (laughs) But you have to be careful even about saying that, even to acknowledge that is, in fact, a good idea. You have to be quick to follow up with don’t get me wrong, I’m not doing it. I have to give you props on a good idea.

Michaels threw in the Daniel Bryan altercation from 2013 and said that the idea of a “student vs. teacher” aspect was good, but it had been done before. Michaels said that the thought of one more match would have to be very special. Michaels trained Daniel Bryan and Brian Kendrick, in the early years of their respective careers. People knew that he trained Bryan, so the altercation felt real.

There are fears among the WWE Universe that fans want to create Daniel Bryan into a clone of John Cena. Is that accurate? Bryan is the best wrestler that has the most appeal to the WWE Universe. Along with Dean Ambrose, Bryan can wrestle and connect with the WWE fans. That’s a rare trait to have because guys like Roman Reigns and John Cena aren’t superb wrestlers.

Having Michaels in Bryan’s corner is a great thing to have. Even though Bryan is popular right now, Michaels does have a say in what goes into the WWE’s product. Remember, his best friend, Triple H, makes decisions. Vince McMahon and the Heartbreak Kid have a great relationship as well. Imagine the kind build-up and feud Bryan and Michaels would have.

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