WWE News: Big Update On Batista’s WWE Future, Will He Be Back In 2015?

WWE Superstar Batista left the WWE last year, and he has not been seen in the WWE since. He originally signed a two-year deal with the company, as WWE wanted to use him in a big way for a while. At least, that was the plan. WWE originally brought in The Animal to win the Royal Rumble in 2014 and then go on to WrestleMania 30, where he’d win the WWE World Heavyweight Title from then-champion Randy Orton.

It was a match few wanted to see, which is why Daniel Bryan was inserted. The Bearded Warrior won the title and Batista was pushed out of the main event picture. Eventually Batista, Orton, and Triple H decided to re-form the popular faction Evolution. The group would go on to have several great matches with The Shield. They lost every time they faced them, but the matches were main event caliber and well worth the time spent to watch them.

Batista had to leave due to movie promotion commitments for Marvels’ Guardians of the Galaxy movie by the summer. From there, he never came back to the company. Many speculated that he would be back by the fall, but due to getting massive praise for his Drax The Destroyer character from Guardians, Batista was approached for a ton of major roles. He is now set for the next 007 movie called Spectre. He is the main villain in the picture. He is currently filming this movie as we speak.

He is also rumored for other roles such as Kurgan in the new Highlander movie. Not to mention, he’ll be back at Marvel soon as well, as he is set for cameos in other films on top of the next Guardians flick.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Batista is still under WWE contract but probably won’t be back in the company. His acting career is taking off in a major way, and due to this, WWE wouldn’t be able to bring him back to wrestle full-time. He may pull a Rock and come back every once in a while for an appearance, but that’s about it.

007 crew

At the time Batista signed his WWE contract — while he knew the Marvel movie would take off like most — it was up in the air still. Few outside of fans knew of the Guardians of the Galaxy comic, and thus it wasn’t speculated right off that it would do well. However, almost anything with the Disney/Marvel logo on it seems to pull in $500 million and up. Guardians pulled in $774.2 million at the box office alone. This is why Batista’s acting career took off so fast, on top of the fact that he played the role perfectly.

He might be typecast for action movies the rest of his career, but The Rock proved that one does not have to play the same type of role in every film. So Batista might eventually get that. For now, however, he is getting massive roles that few would pass up in the action/adventure world.

While he may have not realized at the time that he would get so many offers after Guardians, most think that Batista could have come back for a little bit of time before taking on his 007 role. It is speculated that he left early and has not come back due to how he was treated. WWE promised him a lot and delivered on few of those things. So it probably angered Batista and eventually he was fed up with it and decided that he’d stick to acting rather than coming back off and on to the squared circle.

Regardless of what happens with Batista’s acting career, it seems that his wrestling days are long past him anyway. So while he is under WWE contract, WWE won’t be able to get him back in the ring anytime soon. Especially if these roles keep coming his way.

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