Louis Tomlinson Dishes The Dirt On One Direction Tour Bus Secrets [Video]

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has been speaking to Live Nation and has dished the “dirt,” teasing fans with what happens on the tour bus and what they can expect if they attend one of the bands On the Road Again shows. Sadly for Louis fans, it is all pretty lame.

According to Unreality TV, Louis and his pals are hardly raucous whilst on the tour bus. Louis revealed that they pass the time in true rock and roll style by drinking tea, watching movies, and playing video games. It is fair to say that Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne are hardly hellraisers or stuff of rock and roll legend. Even the widely publicized “pot” scandal during last year’s tour was pretty lame when compared with the excesses of bands like Black Sabbath and the Rolling Stones.

During the Stones North America tour in 1972, the stories of sex, drugs, wrecked tour buses, smashed up hotel rooms, and riots became the stuff of rock legend. By comparison, Louis and his pals are choir boys.

Louis Tomlinson and One Direction

So far on this tour, Louis and his pals have played three shows, two in Sydney and one in Brisbane. To date, the most controversial moment was when some female fans shouted abuse at Niall Horan because Louis and his mates didn’t stop to take photographs with fans as they flew to Brisbane in a private plane.

According to STV, Louis’ pal Liam Payne told Live Nation, “If it’s your first time at a One Direction show you may see some fireworks, which is nice, you’ll see some beautifully artistic screens that have been worked very hard on.”

Harry Styles said that the setlist is mainly from their new album Four, but also has some fan favorites.

He said, “There will be songs from the new album. They’re sounding great. We’re very excited.”

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reported on what they describe as a list of bizarre items that have been banned from One Directions shows. The items include alcohol, pepper spray or mace, fireworks, studded jewellery, spurs, unusually long wallet chains, and selfie sticks.

After Louis and his mates played in Brisbane, fans took to social media platform to complain about how little time they spent in the city. According to the Courier, Louis and the boys were in and out of Brisbane in less than 12 hours. An enthusiastic crowd waited at Brisbane Airport for hours to catch a glimpse of Louis and his pals, but were left disappointed when the jet they arrived in was parked in such a way that they were unable to see the boy band.

With tickets to see Louis Tomlinson and One Direction slashed to half price, it may just be that their star is fading.

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