David Wells’ Twitter Claims He Cheated On His Wife And Got A Nasty Leg Bite, But Is Wells Joking? [Photos]

Well, it’s not the kind of love bite you want on Valentine’s Day, but David Wells claims to have gotten one all the same.

For those unfamiliar with David Wells, he’s a former baseball star known more commonly as David “Boomer” Wells, a great left-handed pitcher from his heyday with the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays, but it’s the David Wells Twitter account (@BoomerWells33) that’s getting all of the attention on Saturday, due to a gruesome photo of what purports to be David’s leg, which is shown all bruised up and purple. Wells either jokingly or not says was the result of infidelity.

“This is what happens if you cheat on your wife.”

Apparently, articles like the aptly-named “David Wells cheats on wife, gets gruesome injury” from HardballTalk – NBC Sports‎ are taking Wells’ Twitter post literally. However, a follow-up photo of Wells’ smiling wife with a mouth-full of healthy-looking choppers makes one think that David was kidding with the original leg injury photo. Time and the David Wells Twitter account will eventually tell us al the truth.

1h1 hour ago yahoo ran with this as a real story lol

The Twitter responses to the 239-game winning David Wells are probably the funniest of all to read, with confusion abounding.

is that a leg or an arm.

boomer wtf am I looking at

8h8 hours ago I assume your mistress is available now. Any chance I can get her number??

Looks like you get bruising on the leg and bad tattoos on the arm.

what is that?


⚾️ Halo Charger That’s an MMA fighter taking way too many leg kicks.

Show the other girl LET’S SEE IF IT WAS WORTH IT!!

After all, the injury David Wells is claiming was a leg bite doesn’t look much like a bite at all — but rather a huge bruise. Wells might want to be careful with publishing adultery jokes because affairs are nothing to joke about, like that time Columbus Short filmed the fight video of his wife attacking another woman who she believed he was having an affair with, as reported by the Inquisitr.

[Image via David Wells Twitter]