Mariah Carey Gets Career Advice From An Old Friend

Let’s face it: Mariah Carey has turned from musical legend into one huge musical disaster. Her album sales are disastrous, her Las Vegas residency is facing tepid ticket sales, and hearing her sing on stage these days is the equivalent of listening to a dog in heat. Even worse is the fact that Mariah can’t even lip-sync correctly. ET recently reported on Mariah Carey‘s lip-sync disaster in Jamaica.

“It’s safe to say Mariah Carey didn’t have one of her best performances at the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival Friday night. The 44-year-old diva had more than a little trouble lip-syncing to a few of her biggest hits like ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Always Be My Baby,’ and it was all caught on tape. As the audio plays, Mariah clearly misses her cues, making the fact that she isn’t singing live that much more obvious.”

Age is not an excuse. Older female superstars such as Madonna and Annie Lennox have been constantly praised for their recent live vocal performances. This is all an embarrassment for Carey, who falsely calls herself the biggest-selling female artist ever. Thankfully, an old friend of Mariah has come to give her advice. According to RTT News, Nathan Morris of Boyz II Men thinks Carey should take responsibility for her own career flop fall.

“We as artists at some point must take the blame when we put ourselves in uncompromising positions such as this. I feel bad for her because I know what she can be, but she has to want to be that again. Being relevant just doesn’t do it. I’m sure one of our teachers at some point in our lives told us that if we continue to cheat we would get caught.”

Besides battling a disastrous career downfall, Mariah Carey is also battling rumors she is headed to rehab after suffering another nervous breakdown. However, Gossip Cop denies that Nick Cannon’s former cougar is losing it.

“Mariah Carey is NOT ‘headed for a breakdown, despite an OK! report claiming the singer is hitting ‘low after low’ and could land in a ‘psychiatric facility.’ Gossip Cop can bust the story, which declares that fears are mounting for the fragile singer.”

Let’s hope that Carey’s voice gets stronger by the time she starts her Las Vegas Residency, which is still facing dismal ticket sales. If she can’t fill the seats, perhaps Mariah can deep discount them for 49 cents like she did with some of her “hit” records. 2015 is bound to get better for Mariah Carey.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]