At 48, Halle Berry Compares Plastic Surgery Pressure to Pushing ‘Crack,’ Reveals Diet And Fitness [Video]

One of the most highly regarded actresses in the entertainment industry, Halle Berry recognizes the pressures to look forever young. Now, at 48, she’s candid about the pressure to undergo plastic surgery, reported Us Weekly.

In the competitive entertainment industry, appearance can make the difference in getting a coveted role. And that means feeling compelled to have cosmetic surgery, said Halle, who’s famed for action-packed roles, such as Catwoman.

“It is pressure,” she admitted. “When you see everybody around you doing it, you have those moments when you think, ‘To stay alive in this business, do I need to do the same thing?'”

And for Halle, that pressure goes beyond her own views about her appearance. She revealed that she also has been advised to have plastic surgery.

“Somebody is always suggesting it to me. ‘You know if you just did a little bit of this and that, lift this up, then this would be a little bit better.’ It’s almost like crack that people are trying to push on you. That’s what I feel like.”

So Halle has chosen her own role models, seeking ones who age naturally and beautifully. She also recognizes the responsibility that she has to be a role model as a mother.

“I think of those women that I thought aged so beautifully, like Lena Horn. Even how Jane Fonda is aging — I don’t know what she has or hasn’t done, but she looks beautiful as she’s going about her way. I just want to always look like myself, even if that’s an older version of myself. I think when you do too much of that cosmetic stuff, you become somebody else in a way,” commented Halle.

As the Inquisitr reported, Jane Fonda is devoted to her low-carb diet and consistent fitness plan that she’s been following for decades. At 77, Fonda hikes for an hour almost every day and does resistance training based on her own exercise videos.

And Jane is rigorous about cutting the sugar and carbohydrates.

“Stay active, cut the sugars, reduce carbs,” she summed up for her anti-aging wisdom.

It’s a diet and fitness plan that resembles Halle’s own regime, which she adheres to because she has diabetes, according to Healthista. Berry eats vegetables, protein, and some fruit, but is careful about even the carbohydrates in fruit.

“Because I’m diabetic, I totally changed my diet and workout regimen a few years ago. I don’t eat fried foods or refined sugar — only natural sugar in fruit and vegetables. And I don’t eat carbs a lot,” she said.

As for fitness, Halle works with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak. He has developed a program for her that includes cardio as well as strength-training moves.

[Photo By David McNew/Getty Images]