Nokia Here Map App For Android Exits Beta, Gets 3D Venue Maps

The Nokia Here map app for Android came out of beta recently, and is now available as a full release, according to ZDNet. In addition to releasing the app with multiple bug fixes, Nokia added multiple new features, as well as improvements to existing features.

Announced on Thursday, the Nokia Here 3D interactive mapping feature offers users the ability to view various points of interest in 3D, which is similar to the features offered by Google, according to Nokia 360.

What’s different about the Nokia’s Here app’s 3D abilities, according to Phone Arena, is that its users in more 70 countries worldwide can now map the inside of select venues using the newly out-of-beta app. The following is according to ZDNet.

“Since… the indoor maps are 3D, users can switch the direction of the view and move between different floors to see the location of shops on each level.”

This means that from shopping malls to airports, and other points of interest, Nokia Here users will never again get lost looking for a bathroom, or ever forget whether they parked the car on “this, that, or the other” side of the mall.

Nokia Here Map App Screenshot

To date, Nokia Here offers inside venue mapping in 3D for just over 10,000 venues, which amounts to about 90,000 buildings, while Google Maps does not yet offer this feature.

A few other feature improvements include, according to Nokia Here map app’s Google Play page, 64-bit compatibility, turn-by-turn directions, traffic information, and the ability to download maps for use offline use, as well as “voices to your SD card.”

Another massive improvement to the Nokia Here map app, according to Phone Arena, includes its ability to view results for routes in a single tab, whether the results are for walking, driving, or transit directions. While in its beta version, Nokia Here forced users to view walking, driving, and transit directional results in separate tabs.

Another improvement to the Nokia Here map app is that it allows users to retrieve more information about their destinations with the tap of a finger. For instance, in Beta, the app made it difficult to find certain pieces of information, but since the update, tapping the venue in the map results results in information popping up, according to ZDNet. Information now made available via tapping the venue includes reviews, photos, and contact information.

The Nokia Here map app is available for Android and Windows phones, and is rumored to be coming soon to iOS. The new, non-beta version has already seen more than 1 million downloads on Android, according to its Google Play page, while Nokia’s 360 Here Blog notes the original version saw more than 3 million downloads. Nokia said the Here map app will notify users of the need to update their phones automatically.

[Map via Nokia 360 Here Blog]

[Screenshot via Nokia 360 Here Blog]