Albany River Rats’ Bus Crashes, Entire Team Hospitalized

A bus carrying the Albany River Rats hockey team crashed and rolled over on the Massachusetts Turnpike Wednesday morning. All team members on-board were hospitalized, local media outlets report.

Albany River Rats Bus Crash: What Happened

The bus — a Yankee Trail Coach bus — was taking the team back to Albany from a game in Lowell when it hit a guard rail and flipped over on its side. The wreck happened around 3 a.m. Wednesday.

Thirty-two people were reportedly on the bus, including the team members along with two coaches, three trainers, and two members of the media. Three of the people had series injuries, while the rest were taken to the hospital as precautions, one of the coaches has said. None of the injuries is described as life-threatening.

The official cause of the crash is still being investigated. Preliminary statements by police, however, suggest snow overnight may have made the roads slippery and contributed to the incident.

Albany River Rats Bus Crash: Video

The following video, from a news report Wednesday morning, shows the scene immediately following Wednesday’s Albany River Rats bus crash.