’16 and Pregnant’ Season 2 Star Arrested For Prostitution

Most 16 and Pregnant stars manage to stay in the limelight for one reason or another after their episodes air, but unfortunately, their reasons for being in the public eye aren’t always positive. Valerie Fairman has had her fair share of run-ins with the law, and TMZ is reporting that the one-time reality show star has been arrested in New Castle County, Delaware, for prostitution.

According to the site, Valerie was arrested along with seven other women after a sting operation was set up. TMZ reports that Valerie offered to perform a sexual act in exchange for payment. She is still being held in custody, and it is unclear when she could be released.

This is not the first time that Valerie Fairman has been in trouble since appearing on 16 and Pregnant. The Ashley points out in an article that Valerie has been in a lot of trouble since MTV stopped filming her. After being arrested for assaulting her adoptive mother, the Ashley reports that Valerie spent some time in rehab, allegedly for a prescription pill addiction. After that, she faced three misdemeanors and three felonies in the state of Pennsylvania. She served some time in jail before being paroled.

On her episode of 16 and Pregnant (which aired during the second season), Valerie Fairman gave birth to a daughter, who she named Nevaeh. As for who has custody of the little girl, it is unclear. The father of her daughter was reportedly in rehab in Pennsylvania.

Valerie Fairman is not the only girl from the second season of the show to get arrested. Most recently, Nikkole Paulun was also arrested, although her arrest was a little different. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Nikkole was arrested in Monroe County, Michigan, for third degree retail fraud. Nikkole is currently 18-weeks pregnant with a daughter and the arrest came as a surprise. After her arrest, Nikkole spoke out and admitted she was in the wrong, but hoped to move on.

“Listen regardless of what happened, I was in the wrong. I knew something happened and didn’t say anything about it and went along with it. I confessed and admitted everything before anyone else said a word. I feel awful that I let something like this happen to me but honestly everyone’s negative s**t is NOT helping me. The negative s**t is not good for anyone, let alone a pregnant woman. I’m remaining as positive as I can for myself and my baby. If you’re gonna talk s**t just please don’t even tag me in it. [sic]”

After hearing of Valerie Fairman’s arrest, Nikkole took to Twitter to talk about it.

MTV is reportedly casting for a new season of 16 and Pregnant.

[Image: via New Castle PD/Gossip Cop]

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