Pregnant ’16 and Pregnant’ Star Nikkole Paulun Arrested

Former 16 and Pregnant star Nikkole Paulun was not selected by MTV for Teen Mom 2 when she appeared on season two of the show. However, despite not becoming a full-fledged reality show star, Nikkole has managed to stay in the spotlight, most recently with an arrest.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports that Nikkole Paulun was arrested on Friday night. The arrest took place in Monroe, Michigan where Nikkole hails from. The former 16 and Pregnant star was picked up, allegedly, for “third degree retail fraud.” While the news of the arrest was originally reported by Wrapped Up With Reality, The Ashley was able to confirm that the arrest did indeed occur. She reports that, in order to be arrested for “third degree retail fraud,” the reality show star would have had to steal items that had a value between $200 and $1000.

Nikkole Paulun is typically very outspoken on Twitter and hasn’t been opposed to posting stories about her former 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom co-stars. However, she has yet to say anything about the arrest, despite the fact that her mugshot is readily available. While it initially seemed that Nikkole was directly involved with the theft, Starcasm spoke to a source close to Nikkole and revealed that there is more to the story.

The source says that there were three individuals involved and that it was one of the other people, not Nikkole, who actually stole something. When questioned, Nikkole willingly admitted that she knew about the theft because she was told that if she was honest, the police would not be involved. Unable to produce any identification, though, the police were called in and it was the police who put all three individuals, including Nikkole Paulun, under arrest.

The 16 and Pregnant star was taken in and a mugshot was taken as well. However, she was released and Starcasm points out that she will likely still be in trouble, but most likely with a lesser charge.

Paulun was in the headlines last year when she reportedly faked a pregnancy. She claimed that she had given birth to a stillborn, but there were reports that she had made up that story, as well as the entire pregnancy. This time, however, there are few who doubt her pregnancy claims as she continues to update fans.

The Inquisitr previously reported the news of the 16 and Pregnant star’s second pregnancy back in November.

[Image: via Monroe County Michigan]

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