Nikkole Paulun Of ’16 & Pregnant’ Is Expecting Her Second Child

Nikkole Paulun is pregnant with baby number two.

Just one week after the Inquisitr reported on Jordan Cashmyer’s suicide attempt, there is much happier news for the cast of 16 & Pregnant. According to a November 10 report by In Touch Weekly, the former 16 & Pregnant star recently took to Instragram, where she revealed to her many fans that she and her boyfriend, Ryan, were expecting a child together.

So it’s official! I woke up yesterday and my boobs felt like they did when I was breast feeding & needed to let down. All day I couldn’t eat and felt so nauseous at the thought of food. I went tanning and was feeling like shit so I decided to stop by the $ store and buy a test to reassure myself that I was NOT pregnant. I took the test as soon as I got home and fiddled on my phone for about 10 secs before looking down and seeing two lines. I was in shock! I told myself it was because it’s a $ store test and didn’t believe it. I went to my mom to tell her and she told me to go buy another test. I bought a more expensive one and right away, positive.”

Despite the positive tests, Nikkole Paulun wasn’t sold on the idea that she was pregnant. However, after a visit to the emergency room, following a night of naseau, vomiting, fever, and abdominal pain, Paulun’s pregnancy was confirmed.

Within an hour they took a urine sample and came back to tell me that it was positive. I got blood work and an ultrasound to confirm it as well and I’m 3-5 weeks! This is definitely a shock as I wasn’t expecting this at ALL.”

Nikkole Paulun went on to wish both of her children’s fathers a happy birthday and congratulate her boyfriend on the one year anniversary of the day they met. After her sickness subsided, Paulun was able to celebrate Ryan’s birthday with his family and tell them of her exciting news.

Thankfully I finally ate at his birthday dinner and got to share the news with his family. I’m extremely overwhelmed with emotions and drained from being so sick. I know I’m not completely ready to be a mom again but I know everything will work out perfect!”

Paulun went on to tell fans she would make it a point to document her pregnancy by sharing photos of her growing baby bump with her followers. Along with the first photo of her 4-week pregnancy belly, Paulun wrote, “I’ve been really bloated all week but I do notice something starting. I thought I sounded crazy for thinking that but other people have agreed lol. So here is 4 weeks.”

Nikkole Paulun isn’t the only 16 & Pregnant star who has had a second child. In fact, there have been quite a lot. As the Inquisitr reported, Ebony Jackson also gave birth to a second child.

[Photo via Twitter]