First Big Bird Tweet Ever As Epic As Big Yellow Himself

The first Big Bird tweet ever, sent just over two hours ago (according to the Verge), was as epic as Big Yellow himself. The single word tweet sent by the @BigBird account was epic, lighthearted, and quite a literal, “Tweet?”

Retweeted by just over 2,900 and favorited by 1,900 people so far, Big Bird’s tweet was so literal that some might be perplexed at his apparent confusion on how to use the social network, despite his being a Twitter member since 2012, according to Twitter.

As a follow up to the first Big Bird tweet ever, @BigBird tweeted a second time with something just as epic as the first tweet.

“Oh! Now I get it. Big Bird here, live on Twitter!”

As Big Bird gets seemingly more comfortable with using Twitter, he is picking up on some much-needed tweeting skills.

Big Bird has posted a few other tweets since the first epic sound off, and has even learned how to use the “@,” called an “at mention,” that makes a tweet appear on someone else’s timeline.

Using his new-found skills, Big Bird has since conversed with the Cookie Monster, who is at the Museum of Modern Art today, using their proper Twitter account names, “@MeCookieMonster” and “@MuseumModernArt.” In this tweet, he asked Cookie monster for a bird picture from the museum.

Big Bird’s other social networking accounts are seeing a boost in activity, as well. According to Big Bird’s Facebook page, he didn’t post much, and went dormant after the last post, dated September, 2014. In it, he announced he would be a part of Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale in New York’s Central Park. The post before it, on March 20, 2014, celebrated Big Yellow’s birthday.

Posts before those were few and far between, which is unusual considering how active other Sesame Street characters are, including Cookie Monster, Elmo, The Grouch, and other favorite Sesame Street characters on Twitter and other social networks.

Today, however, after Big Bird cross-posted his first tweet to Facebook, the post on Facebook racked up a few hundred likes, 17 comments, and 31 shares, while generating a few more likes to the page itself.

Facebook and Twitter are not the only places where Big Bird gets social. Though Big Bird doesn’t have his own channel yet, the Sesame Street You Tube channel is quite active and popular.

In fact, Sesame Street’s channel was the first nonprofit to hit 1 billion You Tube views ever, according to the Verge. It was also the first children’s company in the U.S. to do as well. Currently, Sesame Street’s You Tube channel has just over 1.2 million subscribers.

While Big Bird is showing off his new-found Twitter skills, Big Bird has yet to learn how to append the “#” hashtag to words in his tweets, which he will need to learn to do to be fully successful on the social network.

Elmo on Twitter

Despite this, Big Bird’s account continues to rack up followers in droves.

From the time the first Big Bird tweet was sent until now, his account has gained more than 2,000 followers. Though not nearly as successful as some of the other characters — Elmo has 9,862 followers — it is only the first day of tweets and more are sure to come. It is only a matter of time before Big Bird becomes just as popular and shows off newly learned skills.

The day is young, and Big Bird is still learning, but if he keeps this up, Big Bird will go from sending his first tweet ever to a Twitter connoisseur by the time his next birthday rolls around, on March 20 this year.

Do you think Big Bird and other characters should engage fans on social networks more, or are they taking the trend too far? Let us know in the comments.

[Photo Credit: Richard Termine and Zach Hyman via Sesame Street]