WWE News: Big Way Vince McMahon Is Booking Roman Reigns And Daniel Bryan, Still Pushing For WrestleMania Triple Threat?

WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon is behind the recent bookings of both Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan in a major way. Many believe that Vince has decided to get more hands on at this point due to dwindling ratings for WWE RAW the last few weeks. The cause of the lower ratings earlier in the year could come down to sports or major events, but at this point there are not enough major shows on TV to be accounting for the lower ratings for them.

That said, Vince is usually a big force in booking regardless. However, he is coming up with the ideas of booking now when it comes to Reigns and Bryan. According to Daily Wrestling News, he really wants both men to be the centerpiece of RAW and SmackDown leading into WWE Fast Lane. Both men may also be involved in the WWE World Heavyweight Title match in the WrestleMania main event as well.

Vince is pretty much forcing both men down our throats for the next few weeks. It may continue if all goes to plan at WWE Fast Lane as well.

Most feel that everyone is secondary to The Authority as they seem to get the most time each week, however Vince might change that by adding them to Authority segments and backstage pieces. The idea is to make sure you know the two men heading into WWE Fast Lane are main eventing and it’s going to be worthy of seeing. On top of that, the match’s importance will be highlighted. The winner goes to WrestleMania and main events the show with the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, so the match is a big deal regardless of who wins.

Due to the current story, Daniel Bryan is supposed to win at WWE Fast Lane causing a potential triple threat to go down. This is also Vince McMahon’s idea, so it will more than likely happen. It is said that despite the hate for the idea originally, McMahon changed his mind for some reason. He does this often, so this idea could easily be pushed out for another.

Vince always has a big hand in everything set up for WrestleMania which is probably why we have not had the greatest of shows the last number of years and the reason he has not had to potentially change the main event two years in a row. Many are calling for Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to have control in their hands as they have proven to know what the current audience of today wants to see. Whether or not this happens soon or not is not for debate currently. Rather, the current usage of Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns is.

Vince wants to use them majorly heading into Mania and it is not crazy to see. So we should expect to see a good next few weeks with both men on a lot for WWE programming. It wouldn’t be shocking if WWE had them do more press events as well.

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