Rick Perry: Americans Don’t Want Another ‘Junior U.S. Senator’ For President

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry said that Americans are done with having Barack Obama as president, and they will be looking for someone with experience in 2016.

According to a report from the Associated Press, Perry criticized Obama during his speech at the Strafford County Republican Committee’s Lincoln Day Dinner in New Hampshire. Perry said that Obama lacked experience before becoming president, and he hasn’t shown any strong leadership skills since taking the position.

“[Americans are done with] eight years of this young, very attractive, amazing orator, junior U.S. senator.”

Rick Perry added that when 2016 comes around, Americans will be looking to vote for a person that has experience.

“They’re going to go to a tested, results-oriented executive who has a record of accomplishment.”

Rick Perry speaking at the American Principles Projects Red, White and Blue Gala in Washington, D.C. [Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]
Rick Perry speaking at the American Principles Projects Red, White and Blue Gala in Washington, D.C.
[Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

Perry also noted that the federal government has become too controlling on certain issues, such as health care and education. At the same time, it has skipped past the importance of America’s national security.

“We need to have congressmen and senators and a president of the United States that say: ‘Listen, we’re going to go back and do what the Constitution tells us to do.'”

Rick Perry has yet to decide on if he will be making another bid for president, according to the New Hampshire Journal. But if he does, his announcement will come sometime in either May or June.

In the current lineup of potential GOP candidates, Rick Perry said he’s the only one with military experience, having served as a pilot in the Air Force.

“I have been at funerals and written letter and corresponded to parents, spouses, children, and loved ones of young men and women who have lost their lives. I understand the costs. I think it’s important to understand that, and having that very real life experience of knowing what these conflicts do in terms of treasure and blood.”

Perry also criticized the government on how it has handled the ISIS situation. In order for the terrorist group to be stopped, Rick Perry outlined what he believes needs to be done.

“It’s going to require our personnel to be engaged on the ground and I would suggest having experience, having a track record of dealing with issues and having experienced people who you trust who also have track records dealing with issues.”

If Rick Perry does campaign for president, he may be going up against another person who has previously campaigned for the position, Mike Huckabee. In a related report from the Inquisitr, Huckabee resigned from his show on Fox News so he could focus on making another run for the White House.

Do you think Rick Perry will run for president in 2016?

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]