Selfie Stick Presidency Of Barack Hussein Kardashian

The selfie stick was just one of several props used by President Barack Obama in a Buzzfeed video he created to promote ObamaCare, theInquisitr reported yesterday. While President Theodore Roosevelt had one said “speak softly, and carry a big stick,” this president has replaced that with stumbling embarrassingly while carrying a selfie stick. The nation’s most popular radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, once commented about the celebrity-like behavior of our current president, and nicknamed him “Barack Hussein Kardashian.”

The nickname was perfect given the “celebrity without accomplishing anything” nature of the Kardashians, which fits perfectly for a president who won a Nobel prize just for being elected president and acts more like a celebrity than most actual celebrities. This selfie stick incident is more proof of that.

“President Obama showed his sillier side Thursday by posing with a ‘selfie stick,’ sticking out his tongue and playing a rousing game of air ball in a new promotional video for,” the Hill reported yesterday.

The Buzzfeed video, in which Obama is featured as himself, making fun of himself and reportedly being silly, and using his selfie stick, was intended as a “hip” marketing concept to sell people, who have not done so yet, to go to and sign up for ObamaCare. The president, Barack Obama, who once embraced the naming of the Affordable Care Act as “ObamaCare” by stating, “I am Obama, and I do care,” further promotes himself and ObamaCare all at the same via his selfie stick.

“The video represents another bid by the White House messaging team to reach out to different demographics and audiences. Though the video is pretty funny — a highlight is Obama using a selfie stick to take goofy pictures of himself — the message about health insurance is serious. The video leads folks to to sign up,” Lynn Sweet wrote in the Chicago Sun Times about the president’s selfie stick video.

The Christian Science Monitor poses the question in its coverage of the video, “Obama ‘selfie stick video: End of Western civilization or hip marketing?”

“In a BuzzFeed video, President Obama uses a selfie stick, tries on sunglasses, makes ‘you’re looking good’ gestures, and so forth. Why is he doing this? He gets in a long plug for signing up for Obamacare coverage,” the Christian Science Monitor reported.

At the end of the day, we left with the optics of our celebrity president, Barack Hussein Kardashian, goofing around with his selfie stick to record a video, clearly designed to appeal to low information voters, to sign up for ObamaCare. No one could imagine Ronald Reagan using a selfie stick to convince members of Congress to vote for sending weapons to the freedom fighters in Nicaragua.

[Image of Barack Obama and his selfie stick from Buzzfeed via The Hill]