Megan Huntsman Pleads Guilty To The Murders Of Six Infants

Utah woman Megan Huntsman has pleaded guilty to the murder of six infants, committed over a period of a decade from 1996 to 2006.

The six infants were her own children. It is believed that she gave birth in her own home, although how she concealed her pregnancies, labors and the subsequent murders of six infants is unclear. Huntsman told police that, immediately after giving birth to each of the six infants, she strangled or suffocated them, wrapped their tiny bodies in cloth, put them in plastic bags and packed them in boxes. She stored the boxes in the garage.

The reason why she did it, Huntsman told police, was because she was addicted to meth at the time and didn’t want to care for any of the babies.

It was Huntsman’s estranged husband and the father of the six infants who made the gruesome discovery in the garage as he was packing up belongings in the home he had shared with Hunstman, located in Pleasant Grove, Utah. He called police upon the discovery of the first body in a cardboard box.

Authorities found the rest, a total of seven in all – one of the infants was stillborn.

On the day the bodies of the six infants were found, Huntsman originally told police there were eight or nine dead babies in her home. Police stated that Huntsman was confused or simply guessing.

Of course, there is the possibility that Huntsman simply lost track of how many of her own babies she actually killed.

West had originally lived with Huntsman during that grisly ten-year period in which she gave birth to and subsequently murdered six infants, but police say they are not investigating him in connection with the murders.

In addition to the seven dead, West and Huntsman have three other children. All three are staying with other family members. West was not in court as his estranged wife pleaded guilty to each count of murder, nor has he spoken publicly about the case.

Huntsman’s voice reportedly broke each time she answered “guilty” to each of the six charges of murder. Although she said little beyond that at her brief court appearance, Utah County attorney Jeff Buhman said she has expressed remorse and may speak at her sentencing. According to Buhman, the plea deal, which Huntsman’s family supports, gives Huntsman fewer options for appeal than a trial would have, which “hopefully will mean this case is essentially done after the sentencing.”

Prosecutors say the plea deal means Megan Huntsman, 39, will likely spend the rest of her life in prison over what authorities described as a heinous series of killings from 1996 to 2006.

In a chilling confession, Pleasant Grove police detective Dan Beckstrom said Huntsman told police why she stored the bodies of the six infants, but he declined to share her answer, saying, “It truly is unexplainable.”

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