Single And Looking For Love? Head To St. Louis

With Valentine’s Day just about to rear its ugly head, it has many singles looking for love. Well, you need to look no further than St. Louis, Missouri.

According to Zillow, St. Louis is one of the “10 best cities to find love this Valentine’s Day.” So how exactly did St. Louis qualify for this list?

Zillow had a few qualifications that they looked at to help them determine which were the best cities for singles.

First off, the city had to have more than 250,000 residents. Also, they looked at the cities with the highest percentage of “eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.”

And because Zillow wants to make sure that your date “could afford a night on the town,” they also looked at the singletons’ incomes, but not just any income, their “median disposable income.” They actually did the math and took the median income and subtracted the median rent in order to see who could really afford that night out.

The last thing Zillow looked at in each city was the “number of restaurants, movie theaters and other date spots.”

And after all of that, St. Louis made it into the top 10 cities, and despite its reputation for having a high crime rate, “St. Louis near the top of the list that has nothing to do with crime. Unless you’re stealing someone’s heart,” says St. Louis Today.

So what exactly were St. Louis’ stats? You’ll be happy to know that 68 percent of the population is single with a disposable income of over $15,000, which could make for a very nice date indeed. And looking to head out on a perfect date? Zillow lists potential date spots as “37 per 10,000 people.”

While St. Louis was pretty high in the list, ranked fourth to be exact, what other cities might you head to if you’re looking for love?

Our nation’s capital topped out the list followed by Atlanta and then Boston. Not feeling any of those locations? Then check out the cities ranked fifth through tenth: Denver, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Nashville, San Francisco, and last, but never least, Raleigh.

So if you’re single and ready to mingle this Valentine’s Day, you might want to start making your way down to St. Louis Missouri now.

[Photo Courtesy of Parker Botanical]