New Orleans Shooting Leaves One Dead Before Mardi Gras

A New Orleans shooting left one person dead before Tuesday’s Mardi Gras celebration. According to police reports, one person was killed after being shot in the chest and another was wounded in the neck during a shooting on Thursday night. The shooting took place along the famous Mardi Gras route.

The Mardi Gras parade route is a historic area where multiple events take place in celebration for several days. There is plenty of history behind the events.

The shooting incident took place after 10 p.m. when one person shot two people during the Muses parade. Frank Robertson, a spokesman for the police, noted that the deceased victim died at the hospital during surgery.

A suspect is under custody and being questioned by police.

Angela Matherne, a spectator of the parade, was enjoying the traditional event when she “saw people running in our direction and police in the opposite.”

The parade continued amidst the chaos of the shooting.

The Inquisitr recently reported on a recent Louisiana murder-suicide investigation. The city has its share of crime and violent deaths.

These reports on crimes and violent deaths have not ruined the city’s historic charm and cultural richness. Recently, Brad Pitt selected New Orleans as the location to film an upcoming Wall Street expose, The Big Short. The film will include Pitt, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, and Steve Carell.

Despite the most recent events and tragic deaths during the city’s traditional celebrations, locals are anticipating Mardi Gras as always. On Twitter, fans of the big event are already getting nostalgic, posting pictures as far back as 1907 to get hyped for the events.

Mardi Gras will take place this coming Tuesday, February 17 with a Carnival weekend and numerous events before and during the city’s main tourist attraction. From flashing breasts for beads to enjoying a cocktail or more, the city is geared for the fun and chaos that this time of year traditionally brings into New Orleans.

Mardi Gras is also celebrated in other parts of the country, too. From Minnesota to Florida, people celebrate some of the fun.

Last year, Jimmy Fallon made a cheeky commentary on the pros and cons of attending Mardi Gras.

Despite Thursday night’s shooting and the death of one of the victims, the city is prepared to deal with anything. Police secure the areas of all events and respond to emergencies as quickly as possible.

[Photo courtesy of Jonathan Bachman/Reuters/NBC]