Netanyahu: Iran Already Decided To Become a Nuclear State

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the media in a press conference today that Iran has already made the decision to become a nuclear state and the time for action is now.

Netanyahu was in the Netherlands today to pressure the European Union countries to increase sanctions on Iran before the situation escalates and Israel is forced to use military force to halt their nuclear drive.

Netanyahu had this to say to the crowd,

“Nuclear arms in Iran are a threat to Israel, the region and the world. Sanctions should be applied to Iran’s central bank and its oil exports – and they should be applied now.”

Iran, Israel and the Unites States have been increasing tensions for the last few years over Iran’s nuclear program. Iran claims that the program is for domestic power consumption. Israel and the Unites States claim that the program is military in nature and there to provide Iran with the materials to make nuclear bombs.

In other business in Europe, Netanyahu urged Palestinian Mahmood Abbas to enter into negotiations with Israel without any preconditions. He praised the Dutch parliament for having the courage to urge the Palestinians to accept Israel as a Jewish State.

The Israelis and Palestinians are currently holding talks in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with King Abdullah mediating between the sides. Reports are that progress is being made but expectations for a breakthrough are extremely low.

Do you think the United States and Israel should use military force to stop Iran from developing a nuclear bomb?