Kristiana Coignard: Haunting Audio Of Final 911 Call Released But Provides Few Answers In Slaying

Jonathan Vankin

Before Kristiana Coignard was shot dead by Longview, Texas, police officers in the lobby of their own police station on January 22, she made a phone call from a lobby telephone — a call that connected her a 911 dispatcher. In that call, she asked for help, but she did not say why.

Police had earlier released a transcript of the call, as well as a return call made to the red lobby courtesy phone by the dispatcher and answered by the 17-year-old. On Thursday, though, three weeks after the mentally troubled young girl was slain by police who said that she rushed one of the three officers on the scene with a foot-long kitchen knife, Longview police released the haunting audio of Kristiana Coignard's final call — and the return call from the dispatcher.

The audio of the two calls can be heard, above.

Police said that, in between the two calls, the dispatcher made several attempts to call back, but Coignard did not pick up the phone.

Police earlier released silent video of the slaying of Kristiana Coignard, which includes both her entrance into the Longview Police Station lobby and her phone call. But Thursday marked the first time any audio from the incident was disclosed, as well as the first time that Coignard's voice has been heard by the public since her death.

That full video can be viewed by clicking on this link. Be warned: the video contains disturbing images.

Coignard's family says that the video shows that the teenager had been subdued by Officer Glenn Derr, who then inexplicably allowed her to get to her feet even though, he said, she had the knife tucked into her waistband.

Longview Police last week released a photo of the knife that they allege Kristiana Coignard was carrying in the police station lobby, which they say that she brandished against the officer.

According to Coignard's father, Erik Coignard, his daughter had been on medication for mental illness and was under the care of a counselor. Erik Coignard said that Kristiana had seen the counselor earlier the same day that she visited the Longview Police Station where she was killed.

While the way police handled the girl, and whether their use of deadly force against her was necessary, remains controversial, a significant mystery remains as to why Kristiana Coignard went to the police station that evening.

Her family said the teen went there seeking help. On the chilling audio recording, that is exactly what the teenager tells the dispatcher, but she goes silent and hangs up rather than answer his question about what type of help she requires.

Kristiana Coignard reportedly had the words "I have a gun" written on her palm — but she did not have a gun.

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