Mom Sings Her Baby To Sleep And Becomes A Viral Sensation, Releases Single [Video]

Life changed forever when Kimberly Henderson uploaded a video of her singing her baby to sleep shortly after Thanksgiving.

As previously reported on the Inquisitr, Kimberly quite literally became an overnight sensation: her video was viewed millions of times on social media within a matter of a few days.

“I uploaded it to Facebook, and everybody just started sharing the crap out of it. And then the radio station in Seattle uploaded it, and it’s gotten like 4 million views.”

It was our privilege to interview Kimberly Henderson ahead of the release of her music video for the single “Tiny Hearts.”

When asked about what kind of music she listens to, Kimberly admitted that her tastes lean more towards ballads. Of course, the Whitney Houston original, “How Will I Know,” was a popular upbeat song during the 80s. But the Sam Smith cover lent itself to soothing purposes, say like getting a one’s baby to go to sleep.

Kimberly was happy to make the touching video, but it took her sister to convince her that it was worth sharing with the internet. The cover was uploaded to YouTube over Thanksgiving and the rest, as they say, is history.

The “How Will I Know” cover gathered millions of views across the internet and continues to touch hearts around the world.

Unfortunately, as with everything involving YouTube, there are haters.

Kimberly said that the negativity that comes with being an internet sensation didn’t bother her. She said that she used her detractors as inspiration for writing songs!

And luckily, Henderson has plenty of support around her. Her sister is always there to lend a helping hand with the kids, and her little ones are always happy to sing along with mom.

“So long as it’s in the car,” laughs Kimberly.

Only the youngest, Vaida, seems happy to let her mom sing her to sleep at bedtime.

It was during an outing that Kimberly and at least one of her young children were in a serious car accident. Thankfully, a Cosco Kids car seat helped to protect her child from any serious harm. When the company learned what had happened, they decided to lend a hand to Kimberly Henderson’s singing aspirations. Cosco Kids flew Kimberly to Los Angeles to record the single, “Tiny Hearts,” and to shoot a music video.

“It felt like a dream,” said Kimberly, when asked to describe how she felt when she first learned that she would be going to L.A.

As a hard-working single mother, Henderson was used to devoting every moment to her kids, but for this shoot, Kimberly said it was wonderful being the center of attention and getting some well-earned pampering.

While Kimberly is in a place to make her dreams come true, she knows that there are other moms, single or married, who may have decided to put their aspirations on hold indefinitely. For these women, Kimberly had some heartfelt advice.

“Don’t give up. It’s hard, [but you must] always remember your dreams and who you are!”

Henderson also touched on the fact that while some may see parenthood as a valid reason to brush aside their dreams, often your children are the best possible inspiration for sticking to your goals and never giving up.

Kimberly Henderson hopes that her single, “Tiny Hearts,” will help drive this point home. In her own words, the song was written about her teen years as a young mom. It both touches on the sacrifices that come with being a mom and yet how in the end, your children are always worth it.

No matter your age or circumstances, this is definitely a song to which you can relate. Kimberly sings it with the sort of tender emotion that made so many internet users stop and take notice months ago.

[Image Credit: Kimberly Henderson YouTube Channel]