Amber Frey Breaks Silence: Killer Scott Peterson’s Ex-Girlfriend Opens Up 10 Years Later [Video]

In an interview just released, Amber Frey is opening up about her feelings regarding killer Scott Peterson. The 40-year-old is Peterson’s ex-girlfriend. She was dating him when he was suspected of murdering his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson. He’s now on death row and appealing his sentence.

Frey is raising two children on her own — a boy and a girl. She spoke with Inside Edition about what’s going on in her life now and what she experienced 10 years ago as Peterson’s girlfriend. She claims to never have known he was married when she met him over the holidays in 2002. Peterson was a traveling fertilizer salesman and apparently led Frey to believe he wasn’t a married man until his wife went missing on December 24, 2002.

Frey testified in the murder trial in which Peterson was convicted of murder in 2004. Police were able to catch him after he dyed his hair lighter and grew a goatee.

Jim Moret asks Amber if she still has feelings for the man who killed his pregnant wife. She says it’s all in the past now.

“I do not. That was put behind me so many years ago.”

Amber says a lot of people still recognize her, even when she masks her appearance in some way by wearing glasses or a hat.

What does Amber Frey do now since she’s free of Scott Peterson and he’s behind bars? She works as a massage therapist and travels the globe doing missionary work for her church.

Amber shares that there was a time she saw something in Peterson’s vehicle that freaked her out. She believes that she was his next target because he had rope, knives, a shovel, and a map of her workplace.

Frey wants to keep the past behind her and not be known as “the woman who dated the most hated man in America.”

Moret asked Amber if there’s anything else she has to say to Scott Peterson.

“I really have nothing to say,” she answers.

In November, Radar Online interviewed Amber’s father, Ron Frey. He claimed that his daughter hasn’t really every gotten over Peterson.

“She just hasn’t been able to maintain a relationship since then. Scott broke her heart, and it’s never been able to be repaired.”

He did say that Amber isn’t “carrying a torch” for her ex-boyfriend and remains positive about her life. In an afterthought during the interview, Ron Frey said that Amber is “so out there, that it’s a nightmare.”

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