Leah Messer Salon Drama: Gloss Website No Longer Accessible

Leah Messer has been dealing with a lot of drama since late last year. Her most recent drama, however, doesn’t have anything to do with her marriage, but rather her career endeavor.

The Teen Mom 2 star owns Gloss, a salon that does makeup and hair. Leah, along with two friends, are part of the venture. The salon has come under fire by fans in the past, and according to the Inquisitr, recently came under fire for reportedly being “very much illegal.” A spokesperson for the West Virginia Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists spoke out and explained the situation.

“This business is very much illegal. We will be launching an investigation. As a student, you cannot perform services outside of the school. They have to have an actual shop. They need a location for clients to go.”

However, while Leah Messer has remained silent about the ordeal, her business partner Leslee has not. She spoke to the Ashley and denied that an investigation was under way and stated that the business is legal.

“There is zero truth to the investigation. Nobody [from the state board] has contacted me. We absolutely do have a license. Leah hasn’t done hair or makeup for anything. It’s all me or Crystal. Crystal and I advertise but don’t work until I’m healed enough to do so. But we will operate just as we have for years when we do [start working again]. Never had a problem before and can’t see a problem now.”

Despite all of the drama surrounding Gloss, the girls seem confident that everything will be fine. They have been posting on their Facebook page and thanking fans for their support.

“We will protect our reputation and ourselves. This is a future career we believe in. Thank you for the support. Success doesn’t come without setbacks and haters. We aren’t afraid of either.”

Leah Messer is reportedly taking a break from her cosmetology classes and the other Gloss girls are taking a break until Leah finishes school. In an odd move, however, the Gloss website is no longer accessible. When the link on the Facebook page is clicked, an error message is displayed.

“This domain has recently been purchased. Please allow 48 hours for this domain be to be active.”

This is odd considering that just a few days ago, the site was up and active. It included information about all three Gloss stylists, including Leah, and detailed their education and experience. It is unclear why the site is down at this time; perhaps the stylists thought that it was best to take it down until they get their business back up and running, something they intend to do in the near future.

Leah Messer will appear on the sixth season of Teen Mom 2, which is set to air later this year.

[Image: via Twitter]