WWE News: WWE Locker Room Morale Extremely Low, What Is Causing The Problem?

The WWE locker room doesn’t seem to be feeling great these days. It appears that some envy NXT’s locker room far more because they seem to be having more fun than the main roster has on a weekly basis. This despite the main roster having millions of people tune into them each week.

The Wrestling Observer reports that locker room morale is very low right now. The talent is unenthusiastic with both the booking and promos being presented. While fans have not buried the shows any more than usual, this is the time of year that WWE is at it’s best. Television is supposed to be far better during WrestleMania build up season. Yet this time around, that is not the case.

It is said that the locker room knows things are bad, but it’s the system that makes it all happen. Therefore, disgruntled talent doesn’t seem to matter much when corporate and creative want to go a certain direction. Over the last number of months, there have been several backstage meetings. John Cena even held a talent only meeting to hopefully build up a spark.

WWE is in panic mode, according to some. They are trying to stack this Monday’s WWE RAW broadcast as best as possible with past legends to hopefully bring in more names. That is why Dusty Rhodes is set for the show already, and more is to come. However, many think if the writing was better, the shows would be far better.

Kevin Owens NXT

After seeing WWE NXT: Rival last night, the subtlety of what went down there shows that anything can be done to make the format of RAW and SmackDown better. Last night, Sami Zayn did a springboard moonsault onto Kevin Owens to the outside where he somehow whiplashes and hits his head. At home, you could consider this an accident on Sami’s part. However, it was to lure you into the ending of the match. It was a small thing, minute on the surface, yet executed to perfection. It led to not only an amazing ending, but the perfect one for the match presented.

Yet creative and writing staffs on the main roster can’t seem to come up with something like this or better? NXT has shown how easy it is to do things, and due to the love NXT is getting, it has made some main roster talent jealous in the past. This time, once again, it could do so. Now the main roster has to try and outshine the guys and girls in developmental.

Morale is so low that we may not see anything major happen until WrestleMania matches are set up. Even then, will we get a WWE product worthy of the views it once achieved each and every week? Time will tell. With each passing show, WWE has made mistake after mistake. Meanwhile, there are changes that can be made. Why do you think Triple H as well as the WWE have gone to the internet to get fan opinions so often? Why is there a major opening in WWE creative right now?

It is because, at the end of the day, WWE needs help. They know it, and so do WWE fans.

[IMG Credits: Pl.wwe.com, wwe.com]