'Scandal' Spoilers For 'Gladiators Don't Run': Fitz And Andrew Battle, Olivia Schemes, Maya Returns

Olivia Pope has initiated a plan to get herself home on Scandal and on Thursday night's show, viewers will begin to see how it plays out. Just how long will Olivia be held by Ian? Will her plan to gain her freedom work? There are some new Scandal spoilers available for the February 12 episode and fans can't wait to dig in to this one.

Interestingly, ABC has made some sort of an episode change here. While initially this episode was called "Full Circle," now it is titled "Gladiators Don't Run." ABC teases that the gladiators will be watching from afar as people around the world start to bid on Olivia. In addition, Fitz and Andrew will go toe to toe.

The "Full Circle" synopsis via TV Guide is a bit different as the one for "Gladiators Don't Run." That one teased that Olivia would temporarily outsmart her captors while Quinn, Huck and Jake turned to an old pal for help. In addition, as Fitz was pushed to the brink, Cyrus took the reins. All-in-all, it seems that this will be an interesting episode to watch as it incorporates plenty of action with Olivia, the Gladiators, Fitz and Andrew.

Will Olivia be sold to some key power in another country? Will she make it back home? From the sounds of things, neither of those things will happen quite yet. ABC teases that the next episode, airing on February 19, is titled "No More Blood." In that one, the bidding for Olivia continues as her gladiators continue their fight to find her. However, the White House is worried that she may be gone for good.

Viewers will see Khandi Alexander back as Maya in Thursday's episode, and there has been that tease about someone from Season 1 popping up that viewers will be excited to see. A new Scandal spoiler sneak peek shared on the show's Facebook page shows the moment where Andrew finds out that he's no longer in control of Olivia's fate.

Another Scandal spoiler preview from ABC shows Olivia with Ian and his team as they prepare for the bidding to begin. When Ian theorizes that they could bring in $500,000,000 for Pope, she scoffs. She confidently tells him that she is worth at least a billion, perhaps more. Ian creepily tells her that when it gets down to the final few bidders, perhaps he'll let her have a bit of say regarding who ultimately snags her.

Of course Olivia has a plan here, which is surely to drag out the bidding for as long as possible so Jake, Quinn and Huck can track the breadcrumbs being left behind. She won't be gaining her freedom yet, but she seems confident that she has some control at this point and that her team will find her.

Just who is the old pal brought back into the equation? How does Maya fit into the picture? Fans can't wait to find out and it all plays out on ABC's Scandal airing on Thursday, February 12.

[Image via Spoilers Guide]