UFOs Watching South America? Multiple Sightings Have Researchers Scratching Their Heads

Several UFOs have been sighted over South American countries in recent weeks, raising questions about what the strange objects may be, and why they are populating the skies of Argentina and Peru.

Earlier this week, workers at a construction site in Lima, Peru, spotted a UFO near where they were operating. Two videos were filmed of the UFO, as the strange, disk-shaped object appeared to hang motionless in the midday sky. In one of the clips, a worker can be seen pulling a cable, unaware that the UFO is hovering nearby.

UFO watcher Scott Waring asserted that the strange object’s proximity to the construction site may have a distinct motivation.

“The UFO seems to be observing the construction and probably is there to monitor, because sometime in the future, something important will happen at this location. Aliens always have reasons for being where they are.”

The object sighted in Lima, while intriguing, is hardly the only UFO to be spotted over South America recently. In late January, a group of workers on their way to a shift at the Ullum Hydrolectric Plant in San Juan, Argentina, noticed an unusual craft in the sky above them. One of the workers was able to photograph the UFO, which the witnesses asserted was moving as it hung suspended in midair. Some UFO watchers have suggested that the object was nothing more than a drone, though from the photograph, it is difficult to tell.

Earlier in January, another UFO was spotted over Argentina, reportedly witnessed by thousands of observers. Residents described the UFO as brightly illuminated, with lights that blinked on and off repeatedly. The strange object was witnessed from as far as 20 miles away, and several local residents were able to capture video of the craft. Though some have argued the UFO could be nothing more than a drone or an illuminated glider, witnesses asserted that an object of that size could not be observed from such a far distance.

In 2011, Argentina formed the Commission for the Investigation of Aerospace Phenomena (Spanish acronym CIFA), a group specifically tasked with investigating UFO sightings. Though little is known about their work, the sightings occurring in Argentina would naturally fall under their purview. The commission isn’t the first to be established in the region, as other South American countries, including Chile and Uruguay, have also formed government sponsored groups to investigate UFOs.

[Image via UFO Sightings Daily]

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