Kyle Kraska Shooting: Mike Montana Arrested In Attack On San Diego Sportscaster

Kyle Krasksa was attacked and shot outside of his home in San Diego, and now police have arrested the man they believe is responsible for the attack on the CBS News 8 sportscaster.

Police arrested 54-year-old Mike Montana after a standoff that lasted close to two hours. Police communicated with Montana by phone during the standoff, asking him to come out. Eventually he appeared at a door, wearing a paint-covered sweatshirt and raising his arms.

The attack took place on Tuesday afternoon, though police have released few details about the crime or Kraska’s connection to Mike Montana. Neighbors say they heard about eight shots in the attack, and the news station reported that Kyle Kraska was found face-down in the street.

Ron Maikovich, who lives next door to Kraska, told the Times of San Diego that he assumed the loud noises came from Kraska driving nails into a fence.

“I never thought it can be anything other than that,” he said in a phone interview.

Police located Montana after releasing the name description of the suspect.

“We believe he would have information for us,” San Diego police Lt. Scott Wahl said. “If anyone sees that man … we ask them to contact the police immediately and not make contact with him.”

Montana was spotted driving a white minivan with “Superior Painting” written on the side in multicolored letters.

Kraska was shot in the leg and stomach, but is reportedly recovering after undergoing surgery at a San Diego hospital.

While police have not disclosed a possible motive for the shooting, neighbors say that a few months ago Kyle Kraska had his home painted, and they saw a van with the “Superior Painting” sign outside his home.

CBS 8 spoke to a former neighbor of Montana’s, who said he thought Montana may have been on psychotropic medications.

“[Montana] left threatening voice mails on my son’s cell phone. Not direct threats, but talking about his guns and how good a marksman he is, so, insinuated threats. It got to the point where the girls in the office didn’t want to come to work. They were scared of him,” the man said.

Authorities have not announced when Mike Montana will be in court to face charges for allegedly shooting Kyle Kraska. The San Diego sportscaster is expected to recover.

[Image via San Diego News Video]