Calvin Harris Breakup Caused Rita Ora To Delay Her Album

One of the messiest celebrity breakups of last year was the split between DJ Calvin Harris and singer Rita Ora. After Harris pulled some nasty tricks by getting Rita’s concert canceled and broke up with her via Twitter, it’s no surprise that Ora would be left reeling from the relationship. But Calvin Harris left Rita Ora even worse off than it seemed, having caused her album release to be substantially delayed.

According to Digital Spy, Calvin Harris was the sole reason Rita didn’t finish her album on time. Her sophomore record was slated to be released at the end of 2014, but breaking up with Calvin made Rita re-think what she wanted the LP to be about.

Harris even collaborated with Ora on the album on the song “I Will Never Let You Down,” when they were together. But Calvin would absolutely go on to let her down, even keeping her from performing the song at the Teen Choice awards, though he claimed to have a good reason.

Because of the mean-spirited bouts of vengeance that Calvin Harris pulled on Rita, she decided she needed the album to be less about love and more about celebrating herself, according to Nylon.

“I had a break-up, or whatever, and it really made me realize what I was trying to do. I had been fixated on this love fantasy, but really it wasn’t like that, and I had to take myself back. For me, this was my moment where I had to be real and tell the truth and be honest. I love my pop songs, and I’m still gonna be pop, but this has just got a lot more depth to it.”

As a result of breaking up with Calvin Harris, Ora’s second album will be “sexier” and more focused on womanhood.

“I wanted the album to be dark and sexy, but still approachable, because I’m not a dark person,” Ora explained.

Rita didn’t want the album to only be about herself, but also about solidarity with other women.

“I’ve always been really outspoken about it, like telling another woman, ‘You killed it.’ I don’t think a lot of females do that these days, especially in this industry.”

The split with Calvin Harris seemed to be a wake-up call to Rita Ora, forcing her to realize that women have to stick together in the music business, because guys like Calvin might not help them along.

To hear the song that Calvin Harris and Rita Ora did together, check out the video below.

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