Sofia Vergara And Joe Manganiello Find Their Surrogate, Ready For Baby

Are Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello one step closer to having their baby? It looks like it! According to In Touch, the couple have more than their engagement to celebrate. Vergara and Manganiello found their surrogate!

In January, reports started circulating that the Modern Family star wanted to take the next step with Manganiello, and that the two were planning to have a child. The Inquisitr reported that she was planning to have a baby via surrogate, something that she planned for before she met Joe.

In a 2013 interview, the star spoke about freezing her eggs to prepare for her future. “I just wanted to plan ahead. Nothing happens that naturally anymore. I wanted to take advantage of science.”

If everything goes well, this will be her second child and Joe’s first. Sofia already has a son from a previous relationship, Manolo, 22.

At the time, a source said, “Sofia already took fertility injections and had her eggs frozen in preparation. When Manolo was born, she was too young and scared to relax and enjoy being a mom. Now she’s mature and successful enough to really appreciate the experience. Sofia has a very close friend who knew how much she wanted to be a second-time mom, so she’s volunteered to carry the child.”

Finding the perfect surrogate wasn’t easy for the couple given their high profile in Hollywood. A source explained to In Touch, “It was hard, because Sofía wanted to make sure that the woman was someone she could trust.”

As of right now, Sofia Vergara has not decided to release the name of her surrogate, to give her privacy. However, sources say that she works closely with the actress. “Sofía is friends with this woman and spends a lot of time with her, so she can watch the pregnancy firsthand as if it were her own.”

Since word spread about Sofia’s plans to find a surrogate, people have been trying to guess the reason why Vergara is reluctant to carry her own child. That said, a source told the magazine that naturally, the subject is, “a closely guarded secret.”

Either way, Joe and Sofia are thrilled to start this new chapter of their life together. “Sofía’s said from day one that Joe is the perfect dad. They can’t wait to be parents.”

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images]