Nikkole Paulun Of ’16 and Pregnant’ Reveals Gender Of Baby, Accused Of Lying

Nikkole Paulun of 16 and Pregnant has found herself at the center of plenty of controversies following her stint on the hit MTV reality show. Last year, she was accused of faking a stillbirth and, most recently, the again-pregnant mom was arrested. Despite the drama going on in her life, Nikkole is trying her best to enjoy this pregnancy and recently found out the gender of her unborn baby. Of course, that announcement hasn’t come without controversy, either.

On February 9, Nikkole posted a photo of her ultrasound to Instagram and said, “My sweet little baby. We found out the sex and I will be announcing tomorrow night.”

The 16 and Pregnant star set up a photo shoot for oldest son, Lyle, letting him reveal the gender. The little boy held two ice cream cones, one with blue ice cream, and the other with pink. The next photo showed the blue ice cream cone on the ground, and Lyle holding the pink ice cream cone, indicating that the gender of Nikkole Paulun’s baby is female.

In an earlier Instagram post, Nikkole revealed some names that she and the father of the baby had picked out prior to learning the gender.

“I always get asked what we’re going to name the baby. This is the list of names that me and Ryan made. Some he liked and I didn’t. Some I liked and he didn’t lol BUT we’ve finally narrowed it down to one name for a girl & one for a boy. Thought I’d share just to give people some ideas. [sic]”

The list included female names like Ellie, Violet, Parker, Gia, and Emerson. Although Nikkole has revealed the gender, she has not revealed which name she and the baby’s father have picked.

After announcing the gender, Nikkole Paulun came under fire on Twitter and was accused of lying about the gender of her baby. Apparently, someone posted a photo of Nikkole’s ultrasound and three sonographers weighed in, all saying that the photo appeared to be of a boy.

Nikkole Paulun denied these claims, however. Whether or not she is telling the truth, there will always be 16 and Pregnant fans who question everything she does based solely on the drama surrounding her last alleged pregnancy. That isn’t the only thing being questioned, though. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after her arrest, some people began questioning whether she has guardianship of her oldest son. Reportedly, her mom has guardianship of the young boy.

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