‘This Is Not A Gun Free Zone’ Signs In Conoy Township, Pennsylvania Serve As Warning To Criminals

“This is not a gun free zone” signs welcome visitors to Conoy Township, Pennsylvania. The rural town of about 3,000 boast a citizenship with at least 80 percent gun ownership. The “not a gun free zone” signs were hung at the entrances to the town and in public spaces to alert those with criminal intent that they could very well be met with opposition.

The Conoy Township “this is not a gun free zone” signs now hang in at least one dozen spots so far, with more slated to be posted in the near future. Pennsylvania township officials reportedly hope that the gun ownership signs help keep the crime rate down by giving pause to those who want to do harm to others or steal property.

“I think even those who have bad intentions can read,” Conoy Township supervisory board member Stephen Mohr said during an interview with Fox News. “What we’re telling people is that when they do come here, they should feel safer knowing that everyone in the township is watching out for them. The first word on there is ‘Welcome’ we have a lot here that we take pride in. And the criminal, he should realize that going into this township he could have a bad day.” Mohr also noted that all five board of supervisors members voted to post the “not a gun free zone” signs in the Pennsylvania town.

There is vocal opposition to the “not a gun free zone” sign postings. Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence representative Jonathan Hutson is among the contingent which feels the signs are pointless or even “silly.” Hutson said, “As a matter of fact, no jurisdiction in America completely prohibits the carrying of guns in public.”

While Hutson is correct when pointing out that a complete concealed carry of a handgun is not present in an municipality in the United States, some rules are so stringent that it is nearly impossible for a common citizen to garner such a permit. Washington, D.C. is a prime example of jurisdictions which significantly restrict the ability of residents to carry a gun for protection and often require proof of a “special need.”

“The intent seems to be to scare those who might consider criminal activity. The likely effect will be to embolden a shoot first, Wild West mentality,” Shira Goodman, executive director of Cease Fire USA, said.

Second Amendment advocates are supportive of the “this is not a gun free zone” signs in Conoy Township. The rural Pennsylvania initiative to alert criminals about gun ownership has gone viral and may spark similar signs popping in in cities, towns, and townships across the country.

What do you think about the “this is not a gun free zone” signs in Pennsylvania?

[Image via: Stephen Mohr/Conoy Township/Fox News]