Jaded Wife Shoots Husband’s Mistress in the Face, Charged with Murder

In actions reminiscent of the NASA Astronaut who drove cross country in a diaper to confront her boyfriend’s lover, a former NASA specialist drove 250 miles to shoot and kill her husband’s lover after he refused to end the relationship

Shannon O’Roark Griffinwa sin a therapy session with her husband, Roscoe Griffin, when the Army Colonel revealed he was having an affair. He went even further and told his infuriated wife that he had no intention of breaking it off, in fact he wanted a divorce from her.

An emotional O’Roark Griffin left the marriage therapy session and got in her car. A few hours later she arrived at the home near Kansas City, Mo. of psychiatrist 46-year-old Irina Puscariu, Puccariu was Griffin’s lover. She took out a pistol and shot her in the face three times. Puscariu’s mother was home and watched her daughter get gunned down.

The really sad part about all of this is may have been for nothing. Griffin had already been dumped by Puscariu. The psychiatrist had ended the affair when she found out Griffin was married.

Officers from the Kansas HIghway Patrol caught O’Roark Griffin near Witchita. She admitted to having two unloaded pistols in the car, one of which was the murder weapon.

O’Roark Griffin is being held in jail on $1 million bail for first-degree murder charges.

What do you think of the way that O’ROark Griffin behaved? Should her mental state at least be a mitigating circumstance at her sentencing?