Illuminati Devil Horns In Plain Sight At 2015 Grammy Awards Spark Rumors New World Order Near Fruition

Devil Horns

Illuminati conspiracy theory gurus had a field day monitoring the 2015 Grammy Awards to update their who-is-who compendium on the shadowy occult group that supposedly rules our world. For those in the supposed know, everyone at the event was wearing the iconic Baphomet red devil horns.

Kate Perry, who got inducted only recently and signaled her promotion with a memorably bizarre “devil-worship priestess” performance of “Dark Horse” at the 2014 Grammy Awards, was also seen wearing devil horns. According to Illuminati spotters, she was recruiting for the cult at the 2015 Grammy Awards.

Gone are the days when membership of the secretive elitist cult was something to be bashful about. Judging from the recent trend of celebrities openly and proudly signaling to the world membership of the devil-worship group, we could believe that cult policy of secrecy has been dropped.


Is this the sign that the dreaded New world Order is nearing fruition? You may scoff at the notion, but vigilant conspiracy theorists are having nightmares over fears that the Devil is about to win.

“The Illuminati are promoting the satanic baphomet left and right hidden in plain sight! In this video I expose how last night Madonna glorified baphomet through symbolism at the 2015 Grammys.”


For the few who need an introduction to the Illuminati; according to far-right wing conspiracy theorists, they are a secret cult made up of left-wing devil worshippers. They are the elite who control government, global finance, the military-industrial complex, everything, even our minds through something called Mind Control.

The ultimate goal of the Illuminati is to create a New World Order controlled by a totalitarian left-wing world government.

And yes, you guessed right; President Barack Obama is the devil’s incarnate presiding over the final push of the Illuminati to take over the world.


It really isn’t news that the music industry and the Grammys are run by the Illuminati. The music industry has been under the control of the Illuminati since 1978 when the Eagles’ cult-inspired song “Hotel California,” ruled at the awards.


What makes news every year among Illuminati cult watchers is the latest addition to the list of celebrities recruited to serve the obsessed goal of the Illuminati to control the low information “sheople” through subliminally manipulative messages embedded in the pop music we love.


Conspiracy theory gurus have long guessed from displays of devil worship symbolism, such as the All Seeing Eye and Pyramid, the Pentagram and 666, that celebrities like Madonna, Jay-z and Beyonce are members of the dark group.

But as if to tell the “sheople” that it is now too late to stop their world domination plans, the exclusive club of “masters of the universe” have come out full swing at recent Grammys with in-your-face displays of allegiance to the “Prince of Darkness.”


According to Illuminati spotters, every gesture, every word, every performance at this year’s Grammy awards was homage to the Lord of the Underworld. And ever-vigilant Illuminati spotters have worked harder than ever to expose the hidden ritual symbolism behind the seemingly innocent performances of artistes at the Grammy. Even Kanye West’s misbehavior at this year’s award had some secret connections to cult issues hidden from us masses.


MTV‘s Shaunna Murphy, spoke the mind of Illuminati spotters when she described Madonna’s Grammy performance as being “basically an illuminati matador orgy,” a staged ritual in honor of the Devil.

“… we’re convinced that Madge’s show-stopping number was a full-on appreciation ritual for the Illuminati. True, her video for ‘Living for Love’ is remarkably similar to Sunday night’s Grammy performance, but seeing the larger-than-life, masked matadors kill the Queen of Pop — and watching her ‘dead’ body ascend from the stage afterward — was undoubtedly stolen straight from the pages of the Illuminati how-to manual.”

MTV has spoken. Do we need more evidence that the Illuminati have won?

[Images via Twitter; screenshot via MTV]