Hitler’s Lair To Become Tourist Attraction in Poland

Hitler’s lair could soon be the next big tourist attraction in Poland. The Polish government is currently looking for an investor to turn the “wolf’s lair” into a tourist hot spot.

Reuters reports that Hitler’s lair, which is located deep in the woods of northeastern Poland, is the famous site of an assassination attempt on Hitler by Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg.

The complex served as a military headquarters for the Nazis during World War 2. The Telegraph reports that Hitler built huge bombproof bunkers at the site which could house 2,000 people. The lair was partially destroyed by the Nazis as they retreated in 1945.

Local forestry official Zenon Piotrowicz said that there is no way to rebuild the bunkers, but he hopes that an investor can turn Hitler’s lair into a museum. Piotrowicz said:

“There is no way you can rebuild the bunkers… We are concerned more about having the place made more attractive to tourists, including the renovation of the hotel and restaurant… We want a new leaseholder to invest a lot, particularly in a museum with an exhibition that could be open all year long… We are waiting for offers, but so far we have none… “

Currently, the Wolf’s Lair is open to the public. But it doesn’t attract many visitors due to its location.

Here’s a video about Hitler’s Lair.

Do you think Hitler’s Lair would be a good tourist attraction?