‘RHOBH’ Drama: Brandi Glanville Tells Kim Richards Her Sister Kyle Has Been Manipulating Her ‘For Years,’ Suggests She Distance Herself [VIDEO]

The RHOBH drama involving Kim Richards was at an all-time high in a deleted scene from the show.

After the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired on February 10, Bravo released an extended clip of the show, which included a conversation between Richards and her friend, Brandi Glanville.

After being helped down the stairs of Glanville’s home, Richards sat down on her couch, and Glanville apologized for attending Kyle Richards’ gay mixer.

“I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t have gone tonight and I apologize for not being stronger. Kyle and I are strong personalities. It wasn’t going to be a good idea, and you know who got the blame for it? You. And it’s unfortunate and I’m sorry.”

At the mixer, the RHOBH drama included a fight between Glanville and Kyle, who attempted to apologize for touching Glanville’s arm at a prior party.

Despite Kyle’s apology, she and Glanville engaged in a heated debate, which took many of the party’s guests by surprise. However, the biggest surprise was likely Glanville’s attendance. After all, Kyle had no idea she’d be there.

While one might hope Glanville would have better judgement than to show up at a party thrown by a woman she had fought just a short time beforehand, that was not the case, and Kyle, understandably, was frustrated with her surprise appearance.

“I’m strong. I can handle this kind of stuff. I just…” Richards begins telling Glanville before being interrupted.

“[Kyle] knows how to manipulate you. She’s been doing this for years.”

Then, when Kim disagrees, Glanville presses on, further continuing the RHOBH drama between Kim and Kyle.

“She does, she’ll like… It’s almost like a relationship where you break up to make up, break up to make up, because she knows you’re not going anywhere.”

Although Kim appeared to be growing frustrated with what Glanville was saying about her sister, Glanville continued on with her rant.

“That was embarrassing for her. She’s a 45-year-old woman and she needs to be not acting like that. I mean, that was ridiculous.

She doesn’t protect you.”

When Kim interjects, claiming her sister does protect her in some ways, Glanville snaps and suggests Kim distance herself from Kyle.

“See! You’re making excuses for her. This is why she can treat you this way — because you’ll always take her back. It is true. I’m sorry. Every time this happens you go back to her. It’s unhealthy. The point is, you can distance yourself from her. You can make her have respect for you.

I am a good friend. I will protect you. I will.”

Oddly, as the Inquisitr reported, Glanville claimed just last week that she was not trying to come between Kim and Kyle.

In her Bravo blog, Glanville said, “I am here for Kim now and was then. Her relationship with her sister is their own, I’m not between them, I don’t want to be.”

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