Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Makes Profound Statements After 2015 Grammys

Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds shares some of his enlightened knowledge after having performed in a live Target commercial during the 2015 Grammy Awards. And it seems he has a lot to say.

Going back a day or two before the Grammys, Dan begin saying some really interesting things via Twitter. To start, he begin on the topic of society. Reynolds states as follows, from four tweets.

“Society is broken. Hate is accepted. Even lauded. Man sits & waits to see weakness so he can prey on it and feel better about his condition.”

“Yet we all seek ‘peace’. Peace doesn’t exist in the predator. It exists in the moment we learn to see each other as equals. We stop climbing. And clawing and screaming and we start listening and understanding.”

“Because truly we will never understand our neighbors condition. His mind. His pain. His heart. But yet we are capable of judging him?”

“And still I judge others. I have no perfect solution. I am no perfect man. But I do have a desire to be a part of a revolution. A change.”

Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds Twitter Shows His Philosophical Mind
Credits: Twitter Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds shows a little of his philosophical thoughts via his Twitter page.

That’s a lot to think about, and it hits deep to those who are willing to understand it. What Dan says makes a lot of sense.

However, four days later, Reynolds begins making a few more philosophical posts. This time, things seemed a bit more on the positive side.

“Integrity is an endless pursuit & the worthiest of all. to be courageous enough to be true to yourself no matter what may come of it…to be absolutely undivided in resolve…I am what I say I am.”

“If the world loves it or hates it – I still am – and that is all that matters.”

Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds Twitter Shows His Philosophical Mind II
Credits: Twitter Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds continues to show his philosophical thoughts via his Twitter page.

Even though he spends a lot of time with Imagine Dragons, Dan appears to spend an equal amount of time within his thoughts.

Personal integrity is a huge part of being an upstanding individual. Accordingly, you can tell that Reynolds has a quantified amount of integrity through his music, lyrics, tweets, interviews, etc.

As he mentions, it’s an endless pursuit and is not something that “just happens.” It’s a lifestyle, not a gesture. The University of California, San Diego, (UCSD) offers an opinion on integrity as well.

“UC San Diego’s academic community constructs new knowledge and invents solutions to perennial world problems, and society trusts that we do this in morally responsible ways with the utmost transparency, fairness, and responsibility.

Without integrity, we fail to meet those expectations, the reputation and survival of UCSD is threatened, and the value of your degree is diminished.”

There are endless scores of institutions, workplaces, and individuals which emphasize the importance of this success-characteristic. As aforementioned, without it, you fail.

What do you think about Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds and his philosophies? Do you think they help him get through tours and deal with other constructs of life?

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