Chloe Moretz Turns 18

One of Hollywood’s boldest up-and-coming starlets of the past few years has been Chloë Grace Moretz, who has become famous for her extremely mature (and often disturbing) cinematic roles. This week, Moretz arrived at a milestone of maturity that brings her only slightly closer to the maturity of some of the parts she’s played.

According to E! Online, Chloë Moretz celebrated her 18th birthday on Tuesday, flying out to Jamaica with a few of her closest friends. The actress posted some photos to her Instagram account from the tropical vacation, including shots of her in a bathing suit on a boat. She added the hashtags “#Jamaikingmecrazy #cornypun #18.”

A few hours after that, Moretz posted a photo of herself to Twitter in a fuzzy pink tiara with the number 18 on it.

One of Chloë’s best friends surprised the actress with a birthday gift at the airport before the trip; she had an extra ticket and was tagging along. “Life could not be better right now,” Chloe tweeted to her fans. “Wow.”

According to the Daily Mail, Chloë Moretz’ hairstylist also tweeted about her 18th birthday, sending her a public birthday message that read, “Happy 18th Birthday to my gal pal @chloegmoretz I love you to the moon and back little baby!”

Chloë Moretz started her birthday off by joining the SoulCycle team for their Britney Ride. In an Instagram caption, Chloë anticipated her 18th birthday with excitement.

“Had by far my most Amazing fun wild ride at soul cycle ever for my #BirthdayRide and #BritneyRide!!!! 18 here we come!! #feb10.”

It’s hard to believe that Hollywood has been casting Chloë Moretz since she was only a child, making her first mainstream debut at eight years old in The Amityville Horror. Since then, Moretz has appeared in a number of controversial roles, including several other horror films like Let Me In. She also starred in the recent remake of Carrie.

Chloe Moretz
Chloe Moretz when she first hit Hollywod.

Chloë was at her most controversial when she starred in the dark superhero comedy Kick-Ass, wherein she played an alarmingly young murderess named Hit Girl, who slaughtered criminals with skill and gleeful abandon. Some criticized the film for sexualizing Chloë Moretz at such a young age. But now that she’s turned 18, most of that controversy will likely simmer down a bit.

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