Watch This German Shepherd Sing Along To Maroon 5 [Video]

Everyone wants to be like Adam Levine from Maroon 5. Although, usually the biggest Maroon 5 fans are human. But in one rare case, a German Shepherd named Shelby has grown to love Maroon 5 so much, that she decided to learn one of the songs by heart. At least that’s the way it seems in the video above, a potential viral candidate featuring a dog singing along to the new Maroon 5 song fittingly named “Animals.”

Time reported on the adorable singing dog, predicting that the canine Maroon 5 fan could become an Internet star if the video continues gaining views as quickly as it has been. After all, one of the web’s favorite things is adorable animals doing strange things – and howling Maroon 5 is a pretty new trick.

The video description claims Shelby always sings along to Maroon 5, as long as it’s the song “Animals.”

“Meet Shelby, our German Shepherd, who loves Maroon 5’s new song Animals. She is usually too distracted during car rides to pay attention to the music, unless this song is on! We finally were able to capture a video of her singing her favorite song.”

Of course, the dog isn’t really singing along to Maroon 5, but she does come pretty close to matching pitch with Adam Levine. As the Daily Mail reported, Shelby knows when to come in with a loud howl every time the chorus of Maroon 5’s “Animals” comes around. Shelby’s owner, Christie, knows how much her dog loves the Maroon 5 song, asking the pup “Is this your song?” in the video. And she’s happy to encourage Shelby’s talents by giving her a “good job” when the song is over.

The video has been accumulating views rapidly, with over 58,000 people having seen Shelby sing Maroon 5 since the time this article was published. The viral-potential for singing Shelby is palpable in the comments section as well, with several websites offering to buy the video or license it, including and Storyful.

But not everyone is happy with the video. Uproxx claims the video shows a dog experiencing pain and discomfort from the Maroon 5 song, and jokingly suggests that PETA be contacted to ban all Maroon 5 songs. It’s difficult to determine why Shelby is howling in the video in the same way that’s hard to know why any dog exhibits any strange behavior.

What do you think? Is Shelby singing to Maroon 5, or begging for it to stop?

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