Kim Kardashian Haircut Forced By Kanye West? She Reportedly Hates It

Did Kanye West force his wife, Kim Kardashian, to change her hairstyle?

According to a report published by Radar Online on Tuesday, that is exactly what an inside source claims he did.

Kanye apparently wanted Kim Kardashian to have an “edgier” look — which is why he allegedly made her take out her extensions.

Even though Kim initially agreed to the drastic hairstyle change, which Kanye loves, the insider claims that Kim does not feel the same as her husband when it comes to her new look.

“While Kanye loves Kim’s new hairstyle, she just isn’t feeling it at all. She doesn’t feel sexy, and thinks the short hair makes her look frumpy.”

The insider continued by referencing Kim’s recent weight gain and how it makes her feel about her appearance overall.

“Adding to the fact that she recently gained about fifteen pounds, Kim just isn’t feeling great about her body.”

Kim Kardashian first revealed her new hairstyle to the rest of the world through social media. Last Friday, she posted a picture on her official Instagram page, showing off the brand new look.

“I cut my hair short today.”

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian debuts new hairstyle

However, the insider made it clear that Kanye West had a good reason for wanting Kim Kardashian to remove the extensions.

“Kim’s hair had been badly damaged because of the extensions… Kanye ordered her hair stylist to remove them, because he wanted her to have an edgier look.”

His wife also complained about the substantial amount of time that was required to keep up with the high-maintenance extensions, which was another reason why she reportedly had seven inches of her iconic long hair removed.

Kim Kardashian also premiered her new hairstyle on the red carpet when she attended Sunday’s Grammy award ceremony alongside her rapper/producer husband.

Even though she was all smiles throughout Grammy weekend, the insider told Radar that she still has not changed her mind about her hair. According to the source, Kim Kardashian has already told her friends that she wants to get her extensions put back in “very soon.”

Chances are that Kanye West will still not want her to have the extensions at that time, but the insider claims that Kim has a response to his complaints already prepared.

“Kim will say she had to for professional reasons.”

What do you think about Kim Kardashian’s hairstyle? Was Kanye West right to have the extensions removed?

[Image Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images]