Kristen Wiig Says “No” To ‘Bridesmaids’ Sequel;

Kristen Wiig has finally silenced speculation of a Bridesmaids sequel, insisting she is “not planning” to write a follow-up.

Wiig, who co-wrote and starred in the hit Golden Globe-nominated comedy along with Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, and Chris O’ Dowd, recently told E!Online:

“We’re not planning on doing one (a sequel). We had a special time making the first one, but we’re really excited to try something else.”

Instead, Wiig and Bridesmaids cowriter Annie Mumolo are teaming up once again to writing a new script, the 38-year-old star revealed.

“It’s going to be a little bit of a different tone,” Wiig teased. “But it’s going to be a comedy, for sure.”

Wiig’s announcement comes after Bridesmaids director Paul Feig recently suggested that a sequel could be made without Wiig’s involvement, but said that he would be “very sad” if she did not participate.

Feig told E! Online: “It would be sad, very sad. I would love it to be the whole gang. I feel like if we had the right idea, I feel like everybody would be back.”

Digital Spy also reports that Melissa McCarthy, who played Megan in the comedy, was recently quoted as saying she did not support a Bridesmaids follow-up without Kristen Wiig and felt that it would be a “bad idea.”

Are you bummed that there will be no Bridesmaids sequel or do you think that one movie was enough?