Atlanta Falcons Rumors: DeMarco Murray Could Be Dan Quinn’s First Big Free Agent Target

The Atlanta Falcons and new head coach Dan Quinn are rumored to be making a splash in free agency, with reports that Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray could be in their sights.

The Falcons could be one of many teams bidding for Murray come the start of free agency. The Dallas Cowboys have not said exactly what they plan to do with Murray, but sources close to the team indicate that wide receiver and fellow free agent Dez Bryant will be a higher priority, meaning Murray will likely leave the team.

With Dallas already rumored to be moving on and looking at the possibility of signing Adrian Peterson, that leaves DeMarco Murray to sign with the highest bidder.

While the Atlanta Falcons haven’t addressed rumors that they could be signing DeMarco Murray, many others have filled in the blanks. Bleacher Report identified Atlanta as one of the most likely landing points for Murray, and others have agreed.

The DeMarco Murray rumors would seem to make sense for the Falcons. With Steven Jackson nearing the end of his career, and Jacquizz Rodgers likely leaving in free agency, the team has a void in the backfield that Murray could fill by himself.

The Atlanta Falcons have been linked to DeMarco Murray for several weeks. In a story published in January, ESPN’s Bill Williamson said he believed that Murray would be a good fit in Atlanta’s backfield, especially without a strong incumbent and new coach Dan Quinn looking to make an impact.

“Jacquizz Rodgers’ contract is up, and Steven Jackson has little left in the tank and probably will not be back with Atlanta.”

“… Devonta Freeman runs very hard for his size and with power and is also a legitimate receiving threat. But he was the last staff’s guy, has just 65 NFL carries under his belt and doesn’t possess prototypical size for a No. 1 runner.”

Williamson added that the Atlanta Falcons will have some cap space to play with, and adding DeMarco Murray could be enough to put them over the top in a historically weak NFC South. The Falcons would need to ignore some more pressing needs to land Murray, Williamson noted, but it may be worth it.